Son released


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Update on my son he was released a few days ago , no probation & no future courts dates , he got out on time served , he spent 49 days in jail , he will have on his record Convicted felon. When he called me and told me, I wasn’t expecting that & then started to panic knowing he was going to get released with no money , no clothes , no phone . He knows the area pretty well by now & did find sober living house that had a bed available, he went to talk to his old managers and got his old job. Me & his dad did sent money to buy clothes but not much just enough for him to get a few things to wear to work & to get a haircut . I’m glad he’s back on his feet & I know he has the potential , he also deleted all his social media so he has no distractions, not sure if this came from his sponsor or just the guys in there who have been helping him .All I could do now is pray 🙏🏼 🙏🏼🙏🏼like I have for many years .


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He seemed certain he would have to stay in jail much longer. I wasn’t expecting him to be released. It’s great that he got his old job back and found a sober living house.


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Praying that this will send him on a new and better path. He is very capable. See? He knows how to take care of his needs! Good for him! Mom, celebrate by doing something.nice for you.