Son wants to try LSD...

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    I did exactly what I advised another parent not to do on this board, and I read my son's texts. And read a text where he reached out to someone asking if he was able to get "Lucy" or "Rcs". From what i googled, that is some sort of LSD or mushrooms. He has told me recently that the only things he would do were weed and mushrooms as they are from the earth. He is fascinated by the idea of expanding his mind and seeing things differently. I was glad he told me as we talked and I of course told him how bad an idea I thought it was and how dangerous it could be, etc. We discussed how dangerous it is to "trust" a drug dealer and put something you buy from them into your body. Fast forward a few months and he is actively trying to get some. Thankfully in this case, the kid replied that he was busted and got put in jail. Of course, this information has me spinning in desperation as to what I can do to stop the madness. He is only 17 and as his mom, shouldn't I DO something? He had stopped smoking weed for a while, was eating healthy, got a job (which he still has), and overall trying very hard to better himself. Yesterday he even went out and got a haircut. And wow, he looks so good I could cry. He has slipped back into smoking just in the past few days but overall still making strides forward.
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    Unfortunately if he is going to do it, how can you stop him? Fortunately there was no FB when my daughter used, but she has since told me she troed, among speed and meth, psychodelics. She is okay.I wish I could give you better advice. Nothing stoppedy daughter from doing anything until she quit.

    If you don't mind him knowing you snoop ed ypu can talk to hI'm but ally yapping to daughter did m po good.

    I hope he changes his mind. Take care of yourself. I kmow it's so hard.
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    Maybe instead of telling your son about why this is a terrible idea you could print off some education of what psychedelics can do to your brain. Permanent damage and mental disorders. There's a well known family that run a business in the small town where I grew up they have a son who is now in his 50's that works at their business mainly just greeting people, he's very slow and doesn't look right , I always thought he was born that way but I saw a picture of him when he was young and he was so good looking and completely normal . I just found out a few years ago that he was once very intelligent and went to college in California on a full scholarship where he experienced with LSD. He almost died and has permanent brain damage this happened when he was only 18, he looks strange because the brain damage has caused him to only be able to move certain parts of his face and body. He moves very slow but does walk, can barely talk beyond saying hello , his mouth is kind of drawn up into a pucker. When I saw the picture when he was young I couldn't believe it was the same person. This whole family is very attractive people. They have kept this hush hush in the small town for shame I know but I wish they would use his example to educate people. I wish your son could meet him and know his story. I'm sure you could find stories such as this on the Internet and print out to give to your son. I also know these young people think their invincible and that wouldn't happen to them.
    I know my son experienced with psychedelics and I do think it affected his brain negatively. I think marjuana damages the brain also and I know many disagree with that but it's not the same marjuana it was 20 years ago. It's good your son can't find any right now, hope he will stop looking! Good that he's keeping his job, that's a good sign!!
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  4. SomewhereOutThere

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    Girl who lived across the street from us when I was a teen took LSD and was psychotic for nine months. She ended up in a mental institution for that long. I told all my kids. Daughter who used drugs used them anyway.You can try, but when they use drugs they don't care what we old people say or don't think anythung will happen to THEM or just seem to dump common sense.
    But it never hurts to try. So try. USE OUR TWO stories and you never know.
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  5. Praecepta

    Praecepta Active Member

    Search the internet for...

    (Read about people jumping out windows with their LSD experiments.)

    Drug clinical trials
    (See how prescription drugs are thoroughly tested to be as safe as possible.)

    Then see if your local jail allows kids to come visit and see where they might be living one day. Also might go to a funeral chapel and view a dead body - then go to a cemetery and see where some past drug users are now living.
  6. DarkwingPsyduck

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    Is your son a drug addict? Is he an active drug addict? If so, what is his drug of choice? I'm not sure if you're looking on advise on how to dissuade your son from using LSD, or if you're asking the risk of him using it?

    I've done acid. One time. Not something I would ever do again. It wasn't an unpleasant experience, or anything. Just one of those things you wonder about, do it, and be satisfied. It is a very taxing trip, too. I slept for 2 straight days after coming off of it. I've also eaten mushrooms a hand full of times, and that was much more mellow than LSD. I did LSA once, too. It is the unrefined ingredients of LSD. It is found in many common garden plant seeds, like morning glory. You literally just eat 'em by the handful, and off you go. Now THAT was a horrible experience. It doesn't even start until after you have experienced much stomach pain, and throw up. That was the kind of experience most people think pure LSD is like. I lost my mind. Didn't know what was what. LSD, on the other hand, was much cleaner. I knew I was only impaired to the drug, and didn't freak out at all.
  7. rebelson

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    Oh no. I am so sorry! I think I'm the parent you referred to. It is so hard to just ignore access to their inner world when it's right there in front of us, basically. I wish I could admit to my son that I have access to his Google searches, so he could change his password! But, he is almost 24...and would be (I know he would be!) LIVID.

    In your case, I think it's different. Are you paying the phone bill? If yes, then you have a right to look. If you admit what you did, he may be more sneaky but it certainly would limit his 'options' to buy drugs. Texting is the primary means for these kids to hook up with a dealer. That or FB, maybe.

    I don't see how you can ignore that text.

    Our addicts are SO sneaky. I remember when my son was a teen, I'd often have 'talks' with him about something I was concerned about (a text I read, part of a convo I heard him having, etc). He'd allay my fears..and was very believable. Turned out MOST of the time, he was blowing smoke up my rear! They are very manipulative. I also don't take solace anymore when I 'think' son is doing well, or saying the right things. With all the years that have passed, I can't help but notice the trend that when I 'thought' he was doing great....he was doing the worst things! I don't mean to scare you, but sadly, it IS what it is.

    My son started this crap with weed and beer at barely 14ish and here we are 10yrs later. :frown:

    Please keep us posted.

    Hugs to you:semi-twins:.
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  8. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    RCs are "Research Chemicals". They are analogues of various drugs, and are made in illicit labs. There are RC psychedelics, as well as RC stims and RC benzos and opiods (the last are rare)

    The idea behind RCs is that it takes a while for the DEA to catch up with them, so for a period of time, one can adjust a molecule here, a molecule there, and have a legal high.

    They are also extremely dangerous is many cases because there is no way to know the strength or safety of the chemicals.

    RCs were known generically as "bath salts" for a while, but in actuality, there are dozens if not hundreds of kinds of RC out there.

    "Spice" is an herbal blend mixed with one or more RC cannabinoids. The high from these cannabinoids bears little resemblance in some cases to the high from cannabis itself. The cannabinoids simply bind to the same receptors that THC etc., do.
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  9. DarkwingPsyduck

    DarkwingPsyduck Active Member

    They are called designer drugs for that reason. They can be incredibly close to the real deal, without actually breaking the law. By the time the FDA and DEA catch up to it, they design another with a very small change. And they are INCREDIBLY dangerous because they are not at all regulated, and it is nearly impossible to track down the manufacturer, assuming there even is a real manufacturer. Usually just backyard chemists with substandard equipment, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical ignorance.

    Bath salts became very popular after it started causing VERY bad reactions to habitual and binge users. You could go days without food or sleep, and it takes a toll. People have died because of this. Then there is K2, or spice. The cannabis lookalike that got very popular for awhile. Can't find it in Reno anymore, at least not in real stores.

    Good idea to stay away from :censored2: like that. It is beyond dangerous.
  10. UpandDown

    UpandDown Active Member

    Oh, the horrors, I may never sleep again. I just don't get it. Why in the world would my son think these things are something he would want anything to do with? I am going to find one of these stories and print it out for him. I was able to talk to him this morning and he was open about how he would someday like to try mushrooms or other drugs that take him on a trip. Darkwing, you asked if he was a drug addict. Phew, that is a question that I am sitting here really struggling to answer honestly. I guess I would have to say yes. As he is addicted to marijuana. Yet he will go through long periods without smoking. He does not do any other drug as of yet. That I know for sure. He is completely enamored with the idea of tripping and tapping into some spiritual lala land. Likely something he read on the internet that intrigues him. He seems to just want to be in an altered state. I would say he as gone through the major experimentation phase a few years back and tried many things that I probably don't even know about but didn't like them and settled on pot. This morning he told me not to worry, that he had no plans right now to try these. That it would be a special time like Christmas, where he has sitters to watch out for him. Unbelievable mind set. Merry Christmas to me and those who love him.:(
  11. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    I stopped asking my dai g her what she was doing. I couldn't check as there was no fB or Internet but I searched her room and chased her around.

    I stopped asking her anything because she never told the truth. The funny thing is, she is not a liar or was not before or after she used drugs. But when she was using?

    ME: We can't help you unless we know what's going on. What do you use?

    daughter g her whill using drugs: (clear eyed and looking us straight in our eyrs, first hub, thene) Honest, I just smoke pot and you can believe it or not but EVERYONE does. And i don't dont do it all the time. I hate alcohol. And I'm too smart to do anything dangerous. Yes, some of my friends do stuff, but I think they're crazy."

    Daughter talking about her drug days ten years later: I tried aost everything and sold speed. If you use, you sell. THAT'S how it is. My favorite drugs were ADHD drugs, crushed in a pill rusher and snorted either alone or with meth or coke. I used meth and coke and tried all the psychodelics and even tried heroin twice, but it scared me. I didn't inject snyyhing. That was my only tjing. I hate needles. I did take downers when I had to sleep and that's when you'd beal mad because I slept for days. I l I ked speed though, not downers as much. Sometimes we took legal drugs to see how they felt if we snorted them. I did use pot and drink a lot too. I never told you the truth because I was a drug using addict and they LIE. IF THEIR LIPS MOVE THEY ARE LYING. NEVER TRUST A DRUG ADDICT."

    by the way, my daughter doesn't think pot or alcohol is dangerous to everyone. "If you do it all the time, yeah, you have problems but I know people who have one drink day or smoke part just socially who fiction normally. It's when you can't be sober ever and your life becomes a mess that you know you're an addict." That's her opinion. Not mine. I don't like alcohol or pot at all.

    The adult kids who bring us here basically are high on something most of the time.

    I believe my daughter that addicts spin us what we want to hear. They don want to lose the money or emotional support, but mostly the money. We don't know their real story until they are no longer doing the crazies. And they can stare us in the eyes, tear up, and sound so is a very good act.

    To say I was shocked by what my daughter said about her drug days, after she wuit, is an understatement of the worst sort. But I'm glad I didn't know at the time. It wouldn't have stopped her and would have terrified me.

    by the way, I am writing from our hotel room. I babysaty precious granddaughter yesterday while this same daughter and her friend cooked for the baby's party. Remember, she did go to two years of college on her own dime to become a pastry chef and the goodies looked yummy and..caloric!!! Remember to never give up. She is the best mother ever and quite a cool person!!!
  12. DarkwingPsyduck

    DarkwingPsyduck Active Member

    It doesn't sound like he is much of an addict, honestly... You say he is able to go long periods without drugs without any real issues? Like, does he drastically change when going back and forth between smoking and not smoking? Obviously, his behavior will be different while altered, but does he change emotionally and mentally? There are many people capable of smoking pot on the weekends, or having a few beers after work without it becoming an actual problem. Especially if there isn't a pattern of abuse in the immediate family. In those cases, I find nothing wrong with a little pot here and there. It is when you lose control over it, and cannot be satisfied without it that it becomes a problem.

    Psychedelics are almost entirely recreational. It isn't one of those things where you're going to go out and perform sex acts on a stranger in order to get more. Most people who try acid do it once, and that's it. Like me. Granted, when I used acid, my addiction hadn't yet come into the picture. Right now, even a year sober, I wouldn't even risk it if I wanted to try it again. We addicts don't lose the ability to control their use over a single substance. We lose the ability to control all substances. We just usually have a preferred kind of high. But people fall into the trap of believing that it is okay for a recovering addict to use a substance they never abused before. There is a saying, "An addict might not have the drugs he likes, but he loves the drugs he has". We cannot function unless we are alterted mentally. If I could't get oxycontin, I'd find benzos. Couldn't find those, I'd find pot. Couldn't find that, I would find booze, et al.
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  13. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    UpandDown: It is horrible. All of it and I truly feel for you.

    It's odd that your son is telling you he isn't trying them now but plans to. That is scary. But him doing it and you not knowing is just as scary but at least you wouldn't have to worry about it.

    My son has been in an altered state on and off since he was 15. There was nothing we as his parents could do to stop it. Luckily he was sober more than not sober most of that time but we always were in fear of when he'd get the itch and the madness would start up again. That is why it was hard for us to see that he is an addict. They think they are indestructible and we are old and "don't get it". We are the youngest old couple that I know!

    We are still trying to cope with his bad choices. Hoping that they will end before he does himself in. It's a horrible journey and not one I'd wish on my worse enemy (well maybe my worse enemy).

    Try to take care of yourself and other family members and keep redirecting him. That's really all you can do.
  14. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Whatever he says could be made up. He may have already used them. You can't take the word of anyone on drugs. They lie. All.The.Time.
  15. rebelson

    rebelson Active Member

    ^^^ True, this. He may have already used them.
  16. UpandDown

    UpandDown Active Member

    Well, he is still searching for someone to sell him mushrooms. I stand on the sidelines so sad and frustrated knowing I can't actually stop him. He did manage to get some zanax and I knew immediately that he had taken something way stronger than his usual pot. He was out of it and long story short, he had taken 2 and doesn't remember a thing from the night. Who knows what the drug really was, as it was dipped in some sort of candy. The blessing here is he HATED it, and was embarrassed. We took the car away and as usual the punishment falls on us because I have to drive him to work and he is being a complete jerk. He is so angry and tells us that we have no right to stop him from using drugs and that he will do whatever he pleases. I have told him that when he turns 18, he needs to leave. That we will work with him to reach that goal (rehab, etc) but that if he continues to do drugs and disobey every rule in our home, he will not be living here at 18. I am tired and I am angry. I am meeting with his therapist next week to see if she has any ideas on what we can do.
  17. rebelson

    rebelson Active Member

    I'm so sorry. We are all really very helpless here.

    How do you know that he's searching for a mushroom dealer?
  18. UpandDown

    UpandDown Active Member

    He told me. He had been very restless all week and then after all the other drama, he also polished off a bottle of our wine. He was ashamed, embarrassed and told me that he took the wine. He said he was weak and couldn't deal with his pain and just wanted to numb out. He asked how he could make it up to me. I told him that I didn't want an apology. I wanted to see him actively deal with his depression in ways that are tried and true. Not abusing substances. But connecting with friends, exercising, etc. So we are now on an "up". He has not been smoking and has reached out to his friends and spent time biking and being a typical teen. He even went out with me and little sister to play Pokemon Go and shopping. This is the roller coaster that is our life.
  19. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    My son started like this and he almost overdosed not long ago - five years later. I definitely think it's a sign of early addictive behaviors. Not to scare you but I didn't know it then.

    I don't know WHAT if ANYTHING you can do anyway. If they are hell bent on doing this it's almost impossible to stop them unless you chain them to their bed and then that's another story.
  20. mof

    mof Momdidntsignupforthis

    The lying manipulative behavior is awful..I beat myself up for not getting my son therapy at age 5....panic, anxiety..thought he was just nervous kid. He was born an addict..could we have stopped it?

    I will never know, and watch my other two like a hawk. They show no signs of addict behavior or mental illness.