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    What does a neurophsych do exactly that would be different than a psychiatrist?

    Did your insurance cover a neurophsych? spelling is probably horrible here...
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    I can't help you much on this - we don't have neuropsychs in Australia (I don't think) but I keep hearing really good outcomes from a consult with one.

    From what I have gleaned - a neuropsychologist can give you a broader range of diagnostic consideration, but for ongoing treatment you probably would need the psychiatrist.

    At least, that's how I understand it.

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    A neuropsychologist does a lot of testing--from IQ to spatial orientation to all sorts of LDs to psychiatric testing, the whole gamut. A psychiatrist rarely does any testing and usually comes up with a diagnosis. strictly be listening to parents and watching a child. I like neuropsychologist testing better. Two psychiatrists totally missed the boat with my son. The neuropsychologist took twelve hours to test him before he came to a determination. Because of his diligence we not only got the right diagnosis, my son was able to wean off all his medications, which were giving him various bad side effects, lethargy, and cognitive dulling. I'm NOT anti-medication, but I think even psychiatrists tend to pull out that script pad way too fast and do "hit or miss" medicating. Many of them don't have a clue about Autistic Spectrum Disorder either, which was lethal in our case. I prefer the "better to be safe than sorry" approach and have it all done. NeuroPsychs can be found at university and children's hospitals.
    Marg, they are great diagnosticians. Why do you think you don't have them in Australia?