Sorry I've been missing! Merry Christmas~!

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    I know I've not been around to talk for a while, things have been spinning out of control with difficult child 1 and 3. difficult child 2 is my best buddy along with the Weeble (the baby's nickname).

    difficult child 3 has been melting down at school twice a week - screaming, yelling, refusing to do her work - a real witch.

    difficult child 1 was "Student of the Month", has been behaving at school, popular with his teachers and the deans - and a miserable "choose the expletive" at home. Explosive, defiant and disrespectful.

    You know, a real joy!

    husband (aka "AH") was pulling the usual drowning himself in video games and finally started "stepping up" (to a degree) when it comes to the chaos and bedlam that is mine.

    I'm flat broke, there's no way I can find a job because of the issues with school and home, and I don't like anyone (except difficult child 2 and Weebles).

    I want to quit smoking on the 5th, lose weight and get my "flabdomen" trimmed down (I have what is called a "panus" - I thought the technical term was flabdomen - lol!). This apparently is a result of being born with a double-hernia and 4 kids and will only go away with surgery. I've always had it, but now that I had the Weeble, it's got a mind of its own. Painting a beautiful picture of myself aren't I?

    Anyway - I wanted to pop on and say "hey!" and that I miss you all. I'm hoping to be getting on a little more frequently - we have 2 science fairs and a report to do on "Ancient Mesopotamia". Now catch me if I'm wrong here - isn't "Ancient Mesopotamia" a redundancy? Didn't that culture die out centuries ago? Why not just say "Mesopotamia"? But I digress...

    I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! I miss all of you more than you can guess...

    Beth :abouttime::santa::christmaslights::christmaslights:
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    ((((((((((((Beth))))))))))))))) I have missed you girl. I'm sorry to hear about difficult children 1 and 3. Hopefully with the end of the holidays everyone can get back to a routine. Our kids sure do much better with predictability and routines.

    I need to work on my flabdomen too! I love that term.

    We too have a science fair coming up. Something about the solar system. Anyway it's so great to "see" you. Hugs!

  3. Star*

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    (((((((HUGE HUGS)))))))

    Of course we're waiting for a picture of OUR baby...;)
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    Many hugs! Hope your reports get written without too much drama!
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    Sounds like things have been really hectic. Glad to see you checking in.

    I would love to see a picture of the little one too! How is she?
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    I've been wondering about that little girl of yours! It's nearly a year, hard to believe! I'm glad to hear that you are all well. Sorry that the kids are being poops to you. Ah, motherhood... ;)
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    The last picture I have of E.......????? She has on a yellow onesie....(drumming fingers) ahem....(love, the FORGOTTEN Aunt) :tongue: -

    WHAT? Like with 4 kids she doesn't have TIME to snap a picture??? Sheez
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    Missed you girl! Glad to see you back online!
    And yes, I thought the same thing when Matt was studying
    "Ancient Mesopotamia". Seriously what a redundancy.
    Sorry the difficult children ah are being so, you know, doing what they do best............
  9. Suz

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    We've missed you, Beth!

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    Okay ....After reading TM's post about posting pictures and follwing rules like a good board member and cautious Auntie.

    Please PM me for my email so you can send me an updated picture of my little niece THERE and not HERE. ;)

    I shall then replace her picture in the onesie...:redface:
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