Special Needs Summer Camps

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    Does anyone know of any camp programs for kids with special needs in NC? I googled it and called two that fit. Left messages. I'm starting to get a little worried about summer. What do you all do?
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    I had found one that seemed really good not too far from where we are (like 2 hours from Charlotte I think). I've just googled it and the registration deadline is closed already though... If you want to be on the waiting list I can pm you their name.
    I will plan for V to see a private tutor this summer. The one on one time does him really good and shows him that he CAN learn. He loves her and is always so proud of his accomplishents.
    I will also sign him up to a few sport activities for him to gain social skills. Last year, he did not understand what he was supposed to do but he was just happy to run around the other kids. :) It was a small group and everyone was quite understanding of his difference. It was really nice.
    How does Tommy do in groups?