Spent most of the night in the ER....

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    Just need to vent a little here....I know that you all will understand this. difficult child#1 had an accident last summer when he was in-patient and his knee had popped out of the socket. Well about 10:30 last night it happened again as he was trying to get something in him messy room. I called the ambulance and got difficult child#2 into action locking up furbabies, getting dressed and ready to go to the ER, etc I got myself and everything else going taking difficult child#1 ice for the knee and getting him some clothes to wear to the hospital. We (difficult child#2 & I) followed the ambulance to the hospital and the wait began....5 long hours with a child in pain and my ADHD guy.....ugh difficult child#1 was a pita in the ER argued with the nurse about the iv and then wanted to leave...then didn't want the knee brace or crutches...all the while difficult child#2 was off the wall when are we leaving, why hasn't the doctor come in...and a million more questions. Then he needed a walk then he was hungrey...that really ticked off difficult child#1 because he couldn't eat until the doctor saw him. Then finally difficult child#2 was asleep relief. After 5 hours we had the brace, crutches, scripts, note for school & referral for an orthopedic doctor. We headed home dropped off scripts, got some breakfast picked medications up and now here I am home. Both of the kids are now sleeping and I sit here wide awake...ugh

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    I hope you're able to get some sleep at some point, Colleen. I'm sorry to hear about difficult child's incident. I hope the day goes smooth for you.
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    My anxiety just jumped around reading this! I get very frustrated when I am trying to do something and get this behavior from my kids. They have no patience at all which tests my very limited patience.

    I hope they both get the sleep they need and you have a good day. Are you able to get some sleep now?
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    Geeze Colleen, I remember the stress of having an adhd kid bouncing off the walls - so much stress! Glad difficult child 1 is ok. I certainly hope there is some quiet nap time for you on the agenda today!

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    Sending you restorative sleep and Peace. -RM
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    After much tossing and turning I finally slept for about 4 hours. Thank goodness...got up this morning and the house is a mess and kids are cranky but I am feeling 100% better and now I can deal with it all again for another day :)

    I am off to make our weekly schedule, the menu & adgenda for our big weekly family meeting.
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    Owie! I am so sorry.

    I'm glad you got a little bit of sleep. Literally.

    Tonight will be better.
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    I'm glad you finally got a bit more sleep and that both kiddos are doing better. I can't imagine 2 difficult children in the ER at once. I remember one time when we were in the ER with our difficult child because of blood in his urine. The wait was long and difficult child was incredibly manic-not a pleasant evening! Hugs to you and I hope you get much rest tonight.
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    Things are a bit better tonight. The house is pretty much back in order...that makes me feel better. difficult child#1 is sleeping from the pain pills. difficult child#2 on the other hand was not really happy about things today but then again he never is when he is off schedule. This child lives for his little schedule, has to know at least the night before what the plan is for the next day or he is a cranky butt all day...lol In the end he cooperated and all is finally settling down here. Thank Goodness
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    Hey, Lady, sorry I haven't gotten back to you.

    It sounds like things have not been smooth lately. I am sorry. Want to have lunch Tues? I can meet you at McAlester's where we met before. Just let me know what time works for you. I have a 10:30 doctor appointment, so problem any time after 12:00 is fine with-me.
  11. aeroeng

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    I used to hate the long ER waits. Then we got a few ER trips where the kid got higher priority. (difficult child#3: fell off the latter over 14 ft high worried about neck. Ended up OK but now has a lightning bolt scar in the middle of his forehead. difficult child#1: snowboard accident concerned about internal bleeding. Ended up with a ruptured spleen and one week in intensive care but kept the spleen!) In both cases we jumped to the head of the line. How I wished we had the kind of injury that made us wait.

    I also had the screaming kid for 5 hours through the night at the child psychiatric hospital (Following an all-nighter shift the night before). Did not like that one ether, but I tend to not ever think about it.

    Your post helped me remember that although this last weekend was not fun, I've been through worse. Maybe I'll make it through next weekend too. Thanks!
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