Spitting Bullets

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by amazeofgrace, Jan 31, 2011.

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    let me start by saying...
    ok, so difficult child I is home, he and his girlfriend were living in a motel after finally being thrown out by her mom (the one who was buying them cigarettes every day), well they ran out of $, shocker being neither one of them really works.

    So yes I (the one with "idiot" stamped on her forehead) went & picked him up after spending 5 hours @ ER with difficult child II who's sick as a dog and hasn't had his medications in 24 hours on top of that so you can guess what he's like!

    Driving difficult child I home I laid down ground rules.................

    • no using house phone after 9PM (he doesn't have a cell anymore)
    • no calling x-girlfriend (my granddaughter's Mother)
    • no drugs or weapons allowed in house.
    • no going in difficult child II's room or using his cell
    • 1-3 night max. stay allowed so he'd better look for somewhere else to go.
    He agrees after mouthing off about how he thinks I think he's a piece of **** and a dead beat dad..... I threaten to kick him out of car 3 x's....

    so he of course gets here, dumps his junk on the ds floor, calls his homeboys and heads out to "sell" his incense to the local dollar stores at 8:50 pm @ night.

    So now it's 11PM & I am ready for bed, well I notice house phone is missing...I call it and I hear it ring but can't find it....after calling it 8 times, I finally locate it, it's hidden in the wall unit behind DVD's on a shelf! The ^&%$&^&*() hid the phone!

    Did I mention he's almost 20, has a criminal record, no degree, no license, no job (except selling incense and male enhancement pills) and he has a beautiful 4 month old daughter that he is denying and has never laid eyes on????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I know, I am major ranting right now......but when he shows up here @ 1am stoned or drunk and knocking on my window, I am going to put the pillow over my head....why? WHY? do I keep finding myself in this position? WHY can't he just.... just.....ugh!
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    *HUGS* Maybe it's the weather bringing out the difficult child-ness in them all. I'd check for a full moon, but there's too much snow.
  3. Hound dog

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    He shows up there at 1am stoned banging on windows and doors you call the cops. That puts an end to it rather quickly and lets you go back to sleep. Mean? Maybe. But if you don't want to be picked up by the cops don't be out at 1am or whatever stoned. lol

    Just an FYI I've discovered with the junk with Katie and M..........homeless shelters almost always have room for single people. Even here where the unemployment/homeless rates are sky high. Let him go to the shelter.

  4. DammitJanet

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    Dont feel too bad, I think many of us have let the kids come back several times before we learn its a bad idea. Once I get Cory out again I am going to have sucker tattooed on my hand so I wont forget. LOL. I have the song "who let the dogs out" running through my head only it says "Who let the dogs back, who who?" LOL.
  5. amazeofgrace

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    LOL I am always so comforted here knowing i am not alone....it's more precious than diamonds to me.... sigh....
  6. Hound dog

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    LMAO Janet!!

    Amazed.............most of us didn't reach the Oh Heck NO! point over night. It takes a while to get that totally fed up with the gfgness.

    I'm firmly planted in the Oh Heck NO! with katie. It would probably take moving heaven and earth for me to let her stay here again, ever, for any reason.

    Nichole.............phht wouldn't bother me so much. Would be sort of a pain just because of some of the annoying stuff she tends to do........not really difficult child stuff but just stuff lol But with her I know she'd pull her own weight and help out, she'd work and save to get her own place. Katie would do none of those things. She'd entrench herself in my house and try to never leave. ugh
  7. Steely

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    Just wanted you to know that I understand - and I definitely understand your anger. I would be furious as well.
    I know this sounds horrible, but when Matt told me he was gay, I was secretly relieved that I would not have to deal with the potential of being a difficult children grandma. OK, very relieved. It would be just one more thing that I am not sure I could take.
    Sending many hugs your direction - and stay strong on sending him on his merry way if he comes back stoned.
  8. JJJ

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    LOL Steely -- I had the same reaction when Kanga told me she was gay. Course with Kanga, she is really just hypersexual and any willing or even semi-willing partner is good enough, ugh. Thank God for the implant!