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I'm releaved Nichole has a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow.

This past week her stability has been slipping. I'm seeing the mood swings, and mania. Not severe, yet. But it is there. I think a medication increase is definately needed.

Last week I come home from school to discover Nichole has bought a baby rabbit at the pet store downtown. Cute lil :censored2:, but Nichole knew she wasn't allowed, nor do we have anywhere to keep it. So this bunny is now posted on our local free cycle. Meanwhile, Nichole had to babysit for Melissa to make money to buy a cage and food.

This was my first clue. When Nichole starts getting animal adoption happy it's a major sign she's in mania. Plus she's been wanting to run, run, run for the past couple of weeks to the point where the baby is beginning to hate her carseat.

Yesterday it came to a head. I come home from finals and Nichole is waiting for her sister to take her and the baby out to the humane society to "look" at the kittens and puppies. I invited myself along to be sure she didn't bring another pet home.

LOL I have to give her credit, she pulled out all the stops trying to get me to let her have the cutest lil coon hound pup. She kept saying how she wants a baby soooo bad, and a puppy would be soooo much more reasonable than getting pregnant. :hammer:

I stood my ground. She crashed by the time we got to the park with the grandkids. (Nichole has always been one of the fastest cycler's I've ever seen) Kept going on and on about how she needed a baby. Wouldn't listen to Melissa and I that Aubry is still very much a baby. On and on and on. She was furious with me by the time we dropped her and the baby at b/f's house.

Nichole discovered that if she gets pregnant again her free ride here is over. Period. Of course she thought this was horrible. I told her that if she was grown up enough to have 2 babies, then she was grown up enough to live on her own. Then of course she pulled the "what if it's an accident" card. I said too bad. She knows how babies are made. It's her responsibility to use BC and make sure it doesn't happen. (even if that means not having sex)

Last night she realized she was manic during the day. And agreed we need to ask the psychiatrist for a medication adjustment. Today we're right back to manic again and the whole puppy thing. I'll be glad when we get to the psychiatrists tomorrow. :slap:

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I'm glad the appointment. is tomorrow! I hope a medication. adjustment will help quickly! Hugs.

by the way-when I first saw the title to this thread, I thought it said "Stability Shopping"! My first thought was I want to know where to shop for stability for my difficult child. :rofl:

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Yeah, I'd like to know where to "shop" for stability, too. lmao

I thank my lucky stars Nichole just got her BC shot. :grin:


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Boy sure I dont live in your house?

It sounds eerily similar to what has been going on with me lately though I havent been pining away for anymore Just the mania and depression are cycling up and down like a lovely lil rollercoaster ride from hell right now.


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I'm with Janet...the more I read, the more I start to think *I'm* BiPolar (BP)! lol Though I'm also not pining away for anymore babies! LMAO...had you caught me a year ago...yes...but, my fate is sealed, I am officially spent in the baby department! LMAO. These kids have done me in! But, if we're talking a rollercoaster ride, then I'm on it and I want off! LOL

Hope your N gets a quick medication adjustment and is on the mend soon!

(and yeah...if "shopping" for stability was an option, somebody PLEASE direct me to THAT dot com! LOL)


And I just use the excuse that my car came with a microchip installed so that it occasionally drives itself to the Humane Society. I'm just a helpless passenger. :rofl:

I hope the medication tweak works. Keep us posted.


will reminding her that it would be dangerous to get PG while on medications help her? I have worked with teen moms in the past and the ones who always want another are the hardest to reason with and many are undiagnosed difficult child's in my honest opinion. I would mention the dangers of being PG while on medications.


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She kept saying how she wants a baby soooo bad, and a puppy would be soooo much more reasonable than getting pregnant. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/


I think I would have run out and bought her a St. Bernard!!