Steph, How Did Church Camp End Up Going?


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Hi Steph,

Last I read, you had received a call from the nurse at church camp regarding difficult child possibly getting her period while at camp? (Poor kid)

How did the week end up going? I've been thinking about you & S with regard to that all week.

Hope it went well. :angel:

Stella Johnson

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When I got there she immediately was ready to leave which is weird. When difficult child goes to the other camp I have to drag her out kicking and screaming.

The nurse said she was really home sick all week. Could be a cross between the period and a new camp where she didn't know anyone.

She said she had fun. Made lots of crafts that she is really proud of. She did say today she would rather go back to her old camp, the special needs one.

In all it went ok. She just wasn't as wild about it as the other one.

Thanks for asking!



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Crafts were always my favorite part of any camp, too.

It's nice that she was glad to see you and ready to go home, too! easy child has this horrible habit of pitching a fit when it's time to leave somewhere fun. It's embarassing, to say the least.

I'm glad it went well!