Stepson smoking pot and stealing


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hi everyone. New to this whole forum I just really need some advice and support.

Long post so sorry.

I have a 16 year old step son who for the last 10 we have been in each lives. He have a toddler and newborn as well. He’s always had behanior issues but in the last 3 years as he gets older us getting worse. He has....
Stole money from me
Went into my dresser
Failing grades smoking weed in and outside our home- keeping weed and tobacco products in the reach of our toddler.
Posted a old girlfriend Butt on Instagram at school cops had to come
Got in fights at school
Doesn’t listen to house rules
Almost having to call the cops a few times for refusing to come or stay home. Doesn’t care

We are trying to get him in a trade school hoping it will motivate him but in the mean time having him go to his maternal grandmothers house on non school days. The mother isn’t really involved besides blaming everything on me.
I’ve raised this child like my own . Am I the bad person for wanting him to try in school and not smoke weed especially in our home with young children? He’s hit his dad truck out of anger and once school is over I want him to live with his grandmother for the summer but that whole side of the family is blaming me and not eknowledgeing his behavior. I am missing something here? Am I wrong?

I feel like my children should be able to grow in a home free of drugs and massive arguments .


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I am the stepparent of two teen boys, both of whom are mentally ill and cannot function normally. I understand.

You are not the bad guy here. You've done everything you can. It isn't your fault. We cannot change the temperament of others.

I feel like you do - the smaller children have to be your priority. The teen is making decisions and is old enough to experience some of the consequences.

You cannot put your small children at risk of harm from him.

Is his other parent on board with you about sending him to grandparents?