Successful Discharge & M Went To School!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Alisonlg, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Alisonlg

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    It actually happened! :whew:

    SW from M's old school showed up at my house bright and early and we drove down to the psychiatric hospital to pick M up. Aside from a few minor mistakes on the psychiatric hospital staff's side (psychiatrist forgot to write a script, SW didn't communicate what time we were discharging, so nobody on the unit was ready for us, yadda, yadda, yadda), it went off without a hitch! M got up, got dressed, brushed his teeth, and left without one iota of a fight! We stopped in the cafeteria to snag some breakfast for M and in the van we went!

    We got to the school and the new school's SW met us outside. M was introduced to a few kids that were also placed there from his old school (who will also be riding the bus with him from our SD tomorrow) and then was taken to his class.

    He made it the entire day with no incidents and they had an awards ceremony and they gave him a special certificate for becoming a part of their community. He earned 96% for the day and got to pick from the prize jar, they watched a movie, and life was copacetic! Gosh I hope tomorrow morning goes as well!

    After school we picked up his grandma (my mother) and went to the park with C and they played for a couple of hours...even got ice cream from the ice cream truck. I figured it certainly beat sitting around home and risk being "bored!"

    Then, we ended up meeting up with husband at home for dinner and then going out for a second round of ice cream (heaven help my waistline!) with his parents and M's teenage cousins who are visiting from Delaware for the week. He was sooooo happy to see them (said he can't help but smile ear to ear when he see's them).

    Came home...medications, bath, bed. Ah. One day post-discharge down. If we can make it past three weeks I will be SOOOOOOOOO happy!
  2. timer lady

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    Alison, I'm so glad to hear this update. I'd been thinking about the "discharge" on & off today.

    :bravo: difficult child for such a good day. Way To Go :bravo:
  3. Steely

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    WOOO HOOO! :smile:
    I am SO happy for you guys.
    One step at a time!
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    <span style='font-size: 20pt'>way to go!</span>

    :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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    <span style="color: #000099"><span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>yeah I am so happy for a smooth day for you Alison. :smile:

    Ours went well, as well, but we (d/h and I) picked up difficult child II at 4:30, so he was able to have a full day of therapy and stuff. He was a bit upset when I would not let him run off into the neighborhood to seek out his friends. But difficult child I came through and took him around for a 1/2 an hour and difficult child II came back with him no problem. difficult child II actually fell asleep on his own at 9:30 (on the floor again?) but heah he's asleep /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif.

    One day down.......... :smile: cheers to us</span></span>
  6. Wiped Out

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    I'm so glad all went well-it sounds like a great 1st day. :dance:
  7. Alisonlg

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    :smile: Cheers to us indeed!!! So glad to hear your discharge went well too! I was thinking about you and family today! I kept checking in for your update!
  8. guest3

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    can we get a smiley that is drinking a mohito? LOL
  9. everywoman

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    Yeah for C. I'm glad he had a good day. Celebrate the good days and manage through the bad---that's all we can really do.
  10. totoro

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    Oh that is so good to hear!!! I am using my power of THE SECRET (LMAO) to keep the good vibes and good juju coming!!!

  11. flutterbee

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    I'm so glad to hear this. I was worried after the incident the other day. Big sigh of relief. :whew:

  12. Kjs

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    What a great day. Many more to come!
  13. smallworld

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    Alison, what a relief! I'm so glad everything went so smoothly. May the progress continue.
  14. oceans

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    That is wonderful!!! I am hoping that each day is a continuation of this!!
  15. On_Call

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    Way to Go!!! :dance:

    Great job! Sounds like the new school is a good fit. Will keep rattling beads that it continues!

    Enjoy the accomplishment!