Such a Pleasant Celebration!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, May 7, 2011.

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    Hmmmm. I just realized with 3 son in laws I'm going to have to find a way to distinguish between them. lol

    It was a lovely evening. Our family is not that large. So it was husband and I, easy child and her husband, and Travis. And of course the bride and groom. All of Nichole's husband's family was there and they're such warm sweet open people........and aw heck we've known them so darn long now it's almost as if we're all one big giant family anyway. Aubrey was an angel, a very chatty angel.....but good as utter gold. Her cousin from that side 18 mo old Emmie was also both darling and an angel. Well now, honestly? With all those grandparents there (including greats) they were smothered in attention and had plenty of laps to choose from. lol

    There was a nice buffet dinner..... and yes I made use of the open bar. The grooms dad had everyone say something to the bride and groom. We all told them how proud we were of them. But the jest of Nichole's husband sort of blurted out was He finally married the mother of his children. lol Lots of picture which actually it sort of became blurred as to who's family was who's. Which honestly, I think it both a nice and very good thing. They cut the cake, fed each other......and the grooms bro egged him into squishing a piece into Nichole's cheek.

    That did NOT go over well with the females in the room, which the groom immediately picked up on even while the males thought it hilarious. Well, duh. The females all knew it had been a spa day.........the cost in both time and money. He got the evil stare down but good. lol

    I love Nichole's husband's grandmother and aunt. His grandmother reminds me so very much of mother in law......and his aunt is just a younger version.

    These two kids have got the greatest support system a young couple could ever hope to have.

    And toward the end..........the bride and groom stood up together and thanked both their families for sticking by them, never giving up on them, for supporting them, encouraging them, and loving them through both the good and the very bad times.

    While Nichole's husband can grate on my nerves at times, while there have been bad moments between us on more than one occasion.....I can honestly say he is very much a part of this family. It seems, like with Nichole, his desire to change is genuine and he's working hard to make those changes. He seems to be resolving many of his own issues, which is a very good thing. I hope it continues.

    They are happy. I suppose in the end, that's all that counts.
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    aw how sweet......... you got me at the end how the two of them stood up thanking everyone for sticking by them, supporting them..... very poignant.

    soo did you cry yet?? i would of been balling the emotional witch i am!!! :)
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    Sounds wonderful!
  4. 1905

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    Wow, what a wonderful occasion, I'm happy for them.
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    What a great update Lisa. I'm so glad Nicole's day went well and everyone enjoyed it so much. Good memories go a long way in replacing the bad ones.
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    Congratulations Nicole! Sounds like it was beautiful! I'm happy things went so wonderfully!
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    I'm sitting here smiling and am so happy for everyone!
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    So happy for you all.
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    Glad it went so well. I love how they thanked everyone for sticking by them.
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    Awww, pictures please!!! Glad it went SO well!!!! :D
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    Such a lovely post HD... sounds like they do have such a great support system ! Again, Congrats !!!
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    That will make for wonderful memories for all involved. Ex tried the cake thing with me and ended up with cake down the front of his pants. Yes, I am that mean.