Suicide in males -- Interesting, but sad, article

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    Although this article is more about adult males at risk of suicide, I found it interesting and wanted to share it here. It's quite sobering. I had no idea that the statistics were so skewed towards males as far as "successful" suicides. Especially of concern is the part about how ill-equipped therapists are to deal with suicide and patients at risk for suicide.
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    Wow, that is sobering...I also read the linked article about teens (moodiness or mental illness). I'm glad to see more and more articles like this (not the statistics, but getting the info out). I'd like to see more in our local newspapers where they might reach more people.

    Thanks for posting this!
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    Thanks for sharing. It was very informative.
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    Thanks for the great article.

    While shopping for dog food one day a woman struck up a conversation with me. Of all things a political one. Her nephew had gotten back from Iraq recently to find out 2 months prior his best friend of all his life, whom had also been in Iraq - had hung himself. He had begged for help and the VA was so backed up they didnt' get him in before he took his life. Her strength amazed me as she was telling me that her son had taken his own life last year after returning from what he saw in Iraq. She belives that the government is NOT able to handle the atrocities that these very young men and women are seeing and their mental health staff at ANY VA is vastly understaffed.

    Couple that with the economy, loosing your home, loosing your car, your job.....? Rough times are upon us....all we can do is just check on those we know and offer to help those we don't if we feel called to do so.
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    Wow. Great article. Fascinating and well-written and yes, sobering.
    I am not surprised that "experts" do not pick up on the imminent threat of suicide by using simple questionairres; people who plan to go through with-it often will not tell the truth because they know someone will stop them, and then they have to continue living through the pain of their regular lives, plus the stigma of a suicide attempt. (Ref. the comment about Juan never mentioning hanging.)