Surety Bond Question


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My husband's ex was allegedly arrested for arson back in October. I say allegedly because she insists it was her sister and not her. We've been following the case online and today was another court date. When looking at the file online it says a surety bond has been set for $250,000 for both her and her sister. Why after about 10 appearances would they set a surety bond? From what I've read a surety bond is a guarantee from a bondsman that a client will appear in court. Why now after all these appearances? If you have any experience in this, please fill me in.


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Two guesses:

1. They missed a court date.

2. All hearings previously were pre-trial with the hopes that a guilty plea would be forthcoming. Since is it apparent this won't be happening, flight risk becomes higher as trial becomes a reality.

I'm sure there may be other reasons but those are the most logical ones to me.


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They must have had new evidence that would lead them to believe that either there was more to the crime than earlier thought, or it was more likely than earlier that they would run.