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    Many of us have at least thought about installing surveillance equipment so that we have a record of what our difficult children are doing. I think that Timer Lady found them invaluable for helping to keep the tweedles safe. If it was someone else I am thinking of and not her, sorry. I know there were MANY times I wished we had some way to record what Wiz did both so that he could stop thinking he could do stuff because we couldn't catch him and so that the dang docs would believe that he did what we said he did. I know we had more than a few who thought we made up or exaggerated what he did, esp the more outrageous stuff. now has "flash" sales daily. This is a range of items that are available that day. They have had cooking appliances which mean a deep fryer, that 9in1 cooking thing, etc.... Today they have surveillance equipment ranging from a $25 spy pen recorder to full systems with4 or more camera and a TB of memory for $340 and up. I don't know if it will suit anyone's needs, but the prices do look fairly resonable, though I haven't priced this type of equipment before.

    you have to register to see the sales, but I think all they want is your name and email. I have purchased from them many times, and have never had any problems at all.

    Go to and on the right hand side you will see the list of deals - click on the flash deal and then register to see the deals.
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    Thank you.
    I think I'm going to spend the $ on retrieving text msgs from my son's cell phone. Wonder if I can get a copy in person at the store where we bought it?