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    We went on a field trip today with my mom, Mimi. She did not give me too many looks and sad faces for my "rules' today which is always good. I have really gotten more firm with her in that she has got to at least support me in front of the kids, lol. difficult child 1 wanted to see dino bones and when he wants something he asks about it and bugs and will not enjoy anything else until then. And then when he is done, we must go, who cares what anyone else wants. difficult child 2 was freaked out by some of the exhibits thatGFG3 (he tends to not have anxiety issues)wanted to check out and learn about. So I remembered the stroller, always helps make her feel safe. I ran back to the van and got it and that helped. difficult child 2 was happy once we got to the pretend fruit stand play area, she LOVES to fill bags. She does not care what it is she will collect.

    Mimi was coaxed by difficult child 1 to go to gift shop, dino toy, and so I make her buy the other 2 something and difficult child 2 refused to pick anything out(weird)she says she don't like this store. I was trying to get her to pick a stuffed animal, she loves them, but did not want a new one:confused: So really all in all it went well, no major meltdowns which always get my anxiety going, lol. They are quit an interesting herd but they had fun too. :D
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    Congratulations!! It is great that your day was so successful.

    So much planning and worry can go into a day that another family might not give a second thought to. I am glad it went well for you.
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    So glad to hear that the day went so well!:)
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    We loved the Children's Museum when the kids were young. I am glad the day went well for you. I also had sister in law, brother in law, and husband with to help divide and conquer the kids. You need one more person so each kid gets one adult to tag along and meet up with at a given time. Then each kid gets to spend time with what he/she wants the most and you don't have the selfish, "OK, I am done, let's go!" Oh how I get frustrated with that one.