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    It's been rough. husband was denied unemployment and is working on an appeal. We've been borrowing money from family and pulling out the last of retirement money (I know, dumb move but when it's that or food on the table, not a difficult choice).

    I've been trying to get help for manster's speech. As he's approaching adolesence the fact that he can't say "r's" is becoming more painfully obvious and just another reason for him to get bullied. As if the throat clearing, eye blinking and extra weight weren't enough lol. The school won't provide it and I'm trying to get it through our new insurance which said they have to see if he qualifies. Ugh. I may have to document the various diagnosis we've gotten over the years from previous doctors. The other fallback is perhaps his grandma in California will pay for it. When he visited her last year (he's seen her 3 times in his life) she mentioned a willingness to pay for it to exdh and I may take her up on it.

    Work is my salvation currently. My boss makes fun of me that I'm making an effort to show gratitude for the little things. The other day it was freezing and as we were walking back to our car I said "today I am grateful that my car has heat". He went off on me like I was insane. I still believe that's the way to approach things when life's given you lemons. He thinks I'm phoney and putting on a show because my life isn't that great right now and I guess he thinks I'm being inauthentic or something. Hey, there are some people that don't have heat in their cars, or cars, or homes.

    Anyway, forever exhausted. Last night husband came home from his AA meeting and asked me to call a person who came by looking for help for her son who just came back from Iraq. Apparently he has a drinking problem just like her ex did who is no longer in the picture. He asked me to counsel her about alanon. Like I have time to get more involved with Al-anon again. I was going to occasional meetings downtown over lunch but started walking instead so haven't been in quite a while. But I believe things happen for a reason and I called her and gave her support and promised to take her to a meeting. I would rather hang at home and fight manster for use of the computer lol. He has more facebook friends than I do!

    Well I didn't mean to go on and on. I just wanted to give you all an update and sort of explain why I'm not around so much. I try to pop in every day and read and if I can't respond I say a prayer for everyone.


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    {{ML}} Your plate is full. I think given manster's issues over the years, you should put more of a lean on the school; appeal to someone you know cares about manster and his growth. You don't have to go into details, but if he's already receiving services, see if you can get this one more thing squeezed at no additional cost to you. At the very least, they should be able to provide you with some recommendations - there may be high school or college level education students interested in tutoring, especially over the summer. You just never know.

    It's too bad that your boss doesn't realize the benefits of positive thinking. It's been proven that by simply plastering a smile on your face, even when you don't feel like smiling, can improve your outlook and mood! I am all about trying to find something to positive about. And in regards to attending an al-anon meeting with the woman - reaching out to others and helping others also improves one's disposition...makes you feel good to help which in turn makes you have better days. Love that.

    Hugs - hang in there. I'm sorry it's been so difficult for H and his job situation. Believe that better things are to come.
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    {{Hugs}} ML. You definitely have a lot on your plate, and looking for positive things to be grateful for every day is a great way to keep things from spilling off the edge of your full plate.

    As for your boss, I suspect that he might be jealous of your ability to find positives in little things, in the face of so much adversity. When people get at me for maintaining a positive outlook, I sometimes see that it's because they don't have nearly as many challenges but they let themselves get mired in negative thoughts regardless. Sounds to me like your boss is one of these. If you don't want him to rain on your parade, then don't share your positives with him. Nothing worse than having someone try to bring you down because you're trying to cheer yourself up.

    Sending strength and prayers your way.