Suzir...and anyone else interested in wise mind. I think Suz will like it.

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    I thought of your precious difficult child when I was reading my newest book on mindfulness which has a Buddhist philosophical tinge, but is really NOT religious at all. Mindfulness is way to learn how to stay in the present so that you are not distracted by your "bad" thoughts, yesterday, or tomorrow and it has some awesome advice also on how to deal with emotions. I need refreshers!!!! Suz, I think this would be ESPECIALLY helpful self-help therapy (there are therapists who do it too) for those who sometimes get depersonalization and derealization because it helps people stay in the present and focus on WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON RIGHT AT THE MOMENT. I wish I had known about it when I suffered from D & D. I was just passing it along because I thought of your difficult child and how this might be able to give him tips that would help him out. I hope you don't feel I am overstepping my boundaries. I apologize if you do!!! For anyone else who either suffers from any sort of serious depression and anxiety OR who was diagnosed with borderline PD, this could help any of you.

    There are many books on Mindfulness on amazon. If anxiety is the problem, best to get a book that tilts the mindfulness to anxiety/depression. For those of you who are Christian and afriad this may be against your religion, it is not about any religion, really. Just borrows some very calming methods that were made popular in the East.
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    My difficult child's dialectical behavior therapy included mindfulness. She found it very helpful.

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    Oh, sorry MWM, this escaped me. Or to be honest, it didn't. i just read it from my phone and decided answer later when on my computer and totally forgot.

    But anyway. Thanks for the tip!

    My difficult child's sport psychiatric is rather well versed on mindfulness (his speciality is all kinds of mind-body thingies after all) and they are using many that type of techniques, mostly for the sport performance though. Also what little difficult child has told about his therapy with his therapist, same type of techniques are in use. difficult child also had a book about the topic for summer reading while at home during the summer.

    However I should probably find few of those books and try if I could find some help for my worrywarting ways and anger management. After all, all my closets have been cleaned first time since for ever after last winter but it didn't cure neither anxiety or anger.
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    I heard this was already popular in parts of Europe :) I did find it helpful so thought I'd pass it along :)