Sweet Sixteen!


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easy child celebrated his 16th Birthday this Wednesday by taking his Drivers' Test at 10:30 in the morning.....


He had already taken a Motorcycle Safety Course, and is now "The Coolest Guy in Town" riding his Kawi (actually his dad's, who is letting easy child have the use of it)

We live 5 miles out of town off a rural highway, and I'm pretty worried about deer. easy child came out last night and made it safely. I started to give him the "Safe Driver" speech by opening with the words:

"With freedom comes great responsibility" and easy child started giggling. I said, "Oh, you've already heard this speech?!" and he replied,

"Yeah. Spiderman."
I realised, yes, Spidey's aunt starts out her speech the very same way!!

Too funny.



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That's funny about the Spidey speech..... :rofl:

:bravo: Congrats to the new driver!! and Happy birthday!


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Hooray for easy child!!!(Driving at 16 seems so young to me. Here its 17 and I think thats a little young.) And words of caution worthy of Spiderman, very nice PonyGirl-Alyssa


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I haven't seen any of the Spiderman movies so I thought you sounded pretty profound, PonyGirl :smile: .

Happy Sweet Sixteen to easy child! :bravo:



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I kind of envy the kids who get the 'whee!' thrill of getting their licenses. My father was very ill by the time I started driving and I took over driving for the family as soon as I was legal. The upside was that my father had been an over the road salesman and I got a LOT of training and became a darned good driver. The downside is that I never got the thrill of driving being a freedom. It's always been a necessary skill.

Congrats to easy child. I live not far from Ponygirl. Hopefully any suicidal deer out there will take me on in my Toyota SUV and not easy child on his bike.


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:smile: :warrior: You got it, GoinNorth! We took a cruise to Rhine-berg tonite, husband & I on the Harley, easy child on the Kawi.

WHAT A RIDE! My mommy heart was doing flip-flops of Pride and Fear......

When we got back to town, easy child said, "Did you see that deer?!"



At one point, however, husband leaned back and said to me, "The Kid can Ride!" so, yea!



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I hope you took 17 in so easy child could scare you on all the curves, LoL. Actually, its gotten pretty foggy out so its good you've ridden back home by now. Nothing like peering into fog at night looking for those deer eyeballs glowing back at you.