t just found out i have another difficult child


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i found out today, my daughter has been hearing "noises" that are telling her she will have a bad day, passed out twice in this past week, and has been cutting herself.

my son, is still in the hospital. was approved for another 2 weeks.

i am so stressed out. beyond stress right now. i dont know what to do.

i want to fly out there. and speaking about those options right now with my ex.

i am remembering to breathe.


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This is scary. I am so sorry, I know how hard these things can be. First thing is first, if you are happy with the psychiatrist your son currently sees, call and see if they will be willing to accept your daughter for evaluations. Make an appointment to meet with her and discuss these things. As I KNOW how long it can take to get a new patient appointment, even if it is a sibling of a current one, you may want to get her into some counseling in the meantime.

Just keep remembering to breathe, and also remember, you have been through this once before. You know that once the shock wears off and you are thinking clearly again, it will all come back to you and you will know exactly what to do. We are ALL here for you if you need ANYTHING and we can walk you through it if you are still having a hard time focusing on what to do next. That's what we are here for! :smile: Try to get a good night's sleep. That will help you clear your head. Take a sleeping pill if you have to, but try really hard to sleep well.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Hang in there... maybe a trip to visit and see your daughter would help you and her? Are you and ex on good terms? Would you be able to see difficult child 1? He is in the states also right???

I hope you figure something out to put your mind at ease. This has got to be so hard on you. Please try to get some rest and take care of yourself.

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So sorry to hear things are so rough right now. Sounds like she is in need of a psychiatrist if not hospital stay until she is stable.




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Don't be too hasty to assume this is auditory hallucination - it could also be active imagination but poorly expressed. Keep an open mind. I could describe my childhood anxiety as my conscience telling me I would have a bad day, because for me EVERY day was a bad day. I walked to school each day with a sense of impending doom, which was usually justified. While I didn't specifically 'hear' voices, I DID mentally 'read' my thoughts in my head, and that could have been described as a voice. But they were MY thoughts, not something that felt imposed from outside. In my case, I put it down to an extremely vivid imagination coupled with detailed recall.

I hope I'm right, but I can understand your fear since you've been there before.

You didn't mention anything about your ex - can you talk to him about these things? Can you work together for your children, or is this one more stress for you?

I do hope you can get some help soon. One hope - getting help for her now, whatever the specific problem is, can only be to her advantage.

The cutting - that can be a separate thing, linked to her stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Some kids tend to separate their emotions form their feelings and cut so they can feel the level of their pain - they are trying to link physical pain with their emotional pain. It is their coping strategy - not a healthy one, so they need help, but it is something they develop. My two middle children were cutters, neither of them is bipolar or similar. In their case it was just depression and anxiety.

She passed out twice in the last week: this could have also been linked to anxiety - hyperventilation (over-breathing) can do this. It's not serious, the blood gases sort themselves out while the person is unconscious. But it needs to be checked out in case it's something else.



this sounds very much like what happened with my former easy child. Her older sister (difficult child 1) had gone to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and I was looking forward to time with my "normal, good" kid--she was 13 at the time. Then she came to me and told me she heard voices telling her to do bad things, she was seeing a man in her room, she was cutting, etc. I was so shocked and disheartened.

I did get her to a therapist and psychiatrist. They felt she was not "psychotic", she knew the voices and person weren't real. It took many months of therapy (almost 2 yrs actually) to come up with dissociative disorder as a diagnosis. It turns out her sister had been abusive to her and I didn't realize it. I mean, I knew her sister was mean sometimes and I knew it was hard for our whole family to live with her, but I didn't realize how bad it was for difficult child 2.

I really feel for you...it was such a blow for me to think I had to deal with another difficult child when I thought she was a easy child!



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Sorry to hear your daughter is having such problems. It is stressful to know our children are in such a state. It must be double tough to be so far from them. If it helps you, take a trip to visit. You never know what that will accomplish for you and/or your kids.