TAKS in TX today - nervous mom


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My difficult child is taking his reading TAKS test today...if he doesn't pass, he doesn't go to 4th grade (but from what I understand, there will be other opportunities to take it).
They have arranged for him to be in a small group (5 students) and his moderator will be his 2nd grade teacher.
We have gone over and over again with him about taking his time and thinking it through and relaxing.
During the practice test last month, he wouldn't stay still and at completion of the test he was given 2 options - read a book or put his head on his desk...he wanted to color...and the implosion began and off he went to the office.
He also blows up if he can't get a drink of water when he wants it...and as I understand it, there are limited breaks and times they can get up from their seats (I am not from Texas, I just birthed my children here and live here now...California girl at heart).
Nervous Mom today...


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My thoughts are with Goose today. I've always believed that while standardized testing can be tough to get through (especially for a difficult child) it's important not to put too much emphasis on it. That's where most of our kids break down.


It's the TAKS "season." Every state has their own name for accountability testing.

My son has always taken TAKS in small group also.

TAKS testing has been helpful for us. We went round and round with-the school in the 2nd and 3rd grades about reading (one of many problems).

My son's word attack skills, spelling, etc., were very good. He appeared to read at or above grade level. He was an A/B student. The trouble was that when he finished reading a story, he had little comprehension. My requests for intervention were ignored; I was deemed an "overly concerned" mother.

They were totally shocked when he failed the 3rd grade reading TAKS. I couldn't help but to ask them, "Why?"

It wasn't until then that difficult child began to get some reading intervention.

difficult child is in the 7th grade now. I still get apprehensive. difficult child is taking the writing TAKS today. I'm biting my nails along with you.

Good luck to your difficult child!

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Good for Goose! Our standardized tests are in November-my difficult child was one of the few that qualified for an exemption through his IEP.