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    I am cutting down massively on coffee and have started turning to tea. However I need good, rich tea that is decaf and doesnt taste like water! This is new territory for me although I got some flavorful, yummy tea at our health food store. But they only have a few flavors.

    Can anyone help? I sweeten tea with Stevia and can throw a bit of cream in but rather not have to do the creamer to get a full flavor.

    I am willing to pay for good coffee, but not ridiculous prices.

    Thanks to anyone who can help. I had a chocolate decaf from England once ( friends brother lived in England and sent her a huge box of flavored tea) and it was to die for but I cant find anything like it online...just tea that adds cocoa and dont want the calories.
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    I like rooibos teas. It’s not actually tea, it’s from the African rooibos bush (red bush). Naturally decaf, and you can get different flavors like chai, chocolate or vanilla. I get Numi brand but there are others.
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    Side note - I discovered I can’t do coffee of black teas at all. I thought it was do to the caffeine but it’s actually not - it’s tannins. Tannins apparently make me very sick. Rooibos has neither caffeine nor tannins but does have a ton of healthy antioxidants and other good stuff. Also a pretty robust flavor on its own.
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    Hi SWOT.

    I drink a lot of tea but prefer black tea as opposed to herbal tea. There are only two or three decent black teas in decaf in my opinion. The two I buy are Barry's Irish Tea, Decaf, and Bewley's Irish Tea, Decaf. Both are available online in 40 or 80 bag boxes. They are not terribly expensive. I would describe these as rich and good.

    The third type that is good is Taylor's of Harrogate. But it is more expensive and not better than the Irish Tea.

    I think I prefer the Barry's but I am happy with the Bewley's too. Each of these decaf brands do not compete with the best caffeinated teas, but they are vastly superior to the other decaffeinated teas.

    I drink black tea with milk and sweetener. I want to drink it until I go to bed. I drink tea to relax. The decaf tea really hits the spot for me.
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    Thanks!!! I appreciate the tips and will look up both suggestions!

    They sound yummy!
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    I am with Elsi in that I drink Rooibos tea with a bit of milk and sugar. It is actually only from South Africa but you can now get it in most grocery stores. There are several brands.
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