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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Steely, Oct 29, 2011.

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    I have created a business, and website....everything seems fine from every angle....except when I do a search for it on the web it doesn't come up. At all. Even if I type the name of the company, which is also the website's address, into the search. Now, if I put the exact address into the browser, it comes up, so it is there - but not when searching.

    I have gotten many conflicting pieces of advice from those who are hosting the site to the internet. The hosts of the site are saying that I need to register with google??? I have never heard of such a thing, unless one is referring to pay adverts on google. Another site said something about google updating it's URLs, and it takes awhile sometimes to show up?

    Any tech advise would be GREAT :) Although I can muddle my way through creating a website, this is not my forte - so I feel a bit lost.
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    Yes, Google has a registry. Don't know much about it, but did find this for you

    Webmaster Tools Help
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    I have no idea but have been wondering what's involved in creating a website and what it could costs. I I'm sorry I can't answer your question but if you could help me with mine, I'd sure sure appreciate it. LOL!
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    Ahhh/...therein lies the issues. Creating a website is the easy part, getting it to do anything is so much harder! Do you have all the key words in your headers? make sure you have as many as possible that could even potentially relate to your site. I have no idea what the key words are in this site but I would be willing to bet that anything even remotely relating to kids or mental illness are there. Then you do have to submit the site to every single search engine out there. Linking to ads helps too. You want as many spiders to crawl you as possible.

    I built a site back in the mid 2000's that actually made it to coming up on google when you searched for a certain subject but it took a whole lot of work. Nothing as grand as this site but it wasnt bad. Then I had a falling out with someone and I took the whole thing down. Sad. I cudda been a contenda!
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    Goggle does take a while (sometimes as much as a month) to update what comes up in a search. Hits and links will also drive "your" website higher on the Goggle list. And key words are a must. Think of every way someone may look for your site and make sure your webmaster has those key words linked. Also see if there are webrings that might involved with your subject matter than join them. Look for discussion boards and make your website URL part of your signature. Start a facebook page for your website. Again, the more hits, the higher it comes on search engines.
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    Thanks everyone for the tips - I will continue to work on this...........

    K - it is actually a pretty easy process. You need to buy a domain name, which is appx 10.00, and you need for someone to host it, which sometimes you can find free, but after researching it, I chose one that has greater bandwidth. The one I chose is only 3.95 a month. So out of pocket cost is virtually nothing.

    Once you have chosen the site, almost all of them have a "layman's format" that you can choose to build the site with if you want. Mine is a drag and drop type of feature - which is really easy - but it does not have as many choices as if I had actually written the code. Regardless - it looks very professional in my opinion - and I am pleased with the outcome.
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    thank you, Steely!!