Tee-hee, we met difficult child's new girlfriend


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I'm not sure how to put this experience to words, but I have to say I'm amused, mightily so. This relationship is new and the titbits I have had have made me scratch my head, meeting this young lady certainly gave some answers.

difficult child had told her name and some things about her early this spring and I couldn't help myself but did some googling. And became very surprised that this kind of girl would look my difficult child twice. Even wondered if difficult child has lost it totally and was giving false info to me. In paper, and what one can find by googling a bit, this girl is extremely driven super achieving p c. Her CV is very impressive (would take her to short list to any internship or summer job, and she again has really impressive internship lined up for next summer), extra curriculars and hobbies great and so on. One of those kids who are determined to save a world, and her choice of weapons appears to be science and technology. And even a bit older than difficult child, though not by much, but anyway a lot more mature. Realisticly not the type of girl who would give my difficult child a time of a day.

There wasn't resent pictures of her in web though, so after seeing her it started to became evident that maybe they are not such a mismatch after all. She has rather peculiar style cyber punk goth meets dominatrix I guess. First thing to notice was that she apparently hadn't find her Easter grass bowl and had decided to plant it on her head. And she was taller than difficult child, so she sports some rather mighty shoes (she was tall girl also without them though, taller than I, but not that much, maybe an inch, I doubt she is over 6 feet, not by much at least.) Make up is more in area of face painting and she sports all kinds of piercings. Her wardrobe seems to be something to been seen too. As I said, some kind of cyber punk goth mix and Joy's girlfriend's first comment (to Joy but I was there too) was, that did she leave her whip to the car. husband's comment, next night when we were at bed, was as unsavoury: "[He] has to give it to the kid [difficult child], that he is not lacking in bravery or balls, if he shares a bed with that one. Nice legs though."

Other than appearance (and in fact she is a beautiful girl, even if her style is quite unique) it became evident that she is just as immature as difficult child. In different way, but still young for her years. Her conversational skills were great, though she was very opinionated, no striking lack of social skills, but let's say, that if he continue as a couple and have kids some day, I'm looking for some very tall, very aspie grandchildren, I think. I'm sure she is not diagnosed or even anywhere close the threshold, but the aspie vibes are there.

I think we did quite a good job not letting our amusement show, and I think she was rather disappointed she couldn't make us frown on her. But hey, tough luck kid, after all we have been through we our own kid, Master degree student we excellent CV, coming to our house sober and hitting most of the expected social niceties, just can't get lot of raise out of us, even with a bit unique dress or provocative opinions. But hey, at least Joy's girlfriend was horrified, so that counts for something, I guess. And she is yet to meet my mother in law... :p

Now I'm curious to know, how these two did started to date though. They are certainly cramping each other's style. I'm putting my bets to meeting at online and friends first approach...
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