Teen sons' father passes-Finally some better news I think


My 17 year old went to visit his brother and ex's wife and family tonight. He came home in much better spirits. Stepmother told him that ex had life insurance that paid all his medical bills and paid off his two chicken houses. She said the house was theirs, but she had lifetime rights. (that part is not good news to me, not sure how that will work).She said the house would be paid off by the end of the year. She said they get 1/3 of all the money generated from the chicken houses. This will go into a trust for them that they will get when they turn 30.... I also learned I can draw on younger son social security until he graduates high school. Have no idea how much. So that will help with college. I still want something in writing. But my thinking is that if this is all true, they can start with what money I've saved in child support over the years. Maybe get a loan for the rest and have money to pay it back when they are 30. I'm glad older son isn't getting a big sum of money now. He is currently in school studying horticulture. I'm just glad he is in school.

Tanya M

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I don't know that I would take stepmom's word on all of this. I would think there would be a lawyer involved and if not there probably should be. You may want to consult one. I agree with you that you need something in writing.
Get a lawyer!!! Get everything down don't go cheap on a lawyer if need be he can collect out of the inheritance (Not 100% sure on this). When my step siblings were getting social security it was around 1,000 per child per month. It goes based on what he was making.