teens are not invincible

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    This afternoon difficult child decided to ride his bike to town to visit a friend. He has been told a thousand times not to ride his bike through the industrial park, but you know kids. Well, he was riding along not really paying attention to where he was and blew off a stop sign at the intersection with a road at the top of a hill and the car coming up the hill didn't see him until it was too late to do anything about it. The kid got to have his neck immobolized, be strapped to a back board and have his new jeans and jean jacket cut off of him. He is extremely lucky though. He wound up with a minor concussion and a sprained ankle. oh and his bike is done for.
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    Glad he's okay. Scary!
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    Frightening. Very glad he is ok.
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    OMW! He was very very luck that's all that happened. I've learned, however, that the best consequences usually are natural and I do hope that this teaches him that lesson, albeit a hard one. :(
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    so grateful he is ok. you must have had a heart attack when you heard. Hope he recovers quickly but has learned a lesson....yikes.
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    OH MY WORD!!!!!!! SO SO SO HAPPY to read further and know he is none the worse for wear. ?? thought ====IS this a stop sign that needs improvement or flashing lights or some other type of blind area warning to prevent an accident in the future? Or was it just difficult child going zoom?
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    Teens are not invincible? Really? Then care to explain how he came through this one without being in a body cast or coma?!
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    Scary! Glad to hear he is not more seriously hurt!
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    Thanks all, yes he is extremely lucky it wasn't much worse.
    Insane, maybe you're right he may just be invincible, but mom isn't and I can't take those phone calls.
    Star, it was difficult child going zoom, not a problem with the intersection. he knows it was his fault and is now worried about the guy in the car suing him for damaging his car. I've tried telling him that the guy isn't going to do that, but he's stuck on it.
    My big problem now is he has had to be off a couple of medications due to the contrast dye used for the ct scan. I have to get ahold of psychiatrist tomorrow and see how she wants us to work on getting them back in his system.
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    lmf =

    Dude was hit by a Cadillac, a City bus and finally a kid who actually TRIED to hit him - in less than a year. The bus driver RECOGNIZED him - and never stopped - his bike was a mangled mess. Dude never called the law he wasn't sure if it was his fault or not - he was riding in the street with traffic and thought he should be going against traffic. Typical difficult child finally doing the RIGHT thing and thought it was the wrong thing. The cadillac hit him at night and left him for dead on the side of the road. Dude was not wearing reflective clothing, or lights on his bike. A police report was made, but no car ever found. To mE? They have cameras at EVERY intersection in the world. HAD they wanted to ? They could have found this man - Because of my X being the man he is - they didn't care to help my son. I know that for fact. The last guy - Dude sued and won a very small amount. There was fighting and a time line got blured - but because Dude is a convicted felon (so they said) they let it go with a small settlement. He should be sitting on easy street - he still has trouble walking.

    My thought here is IT's NOT a bad idea to let difficult child think that what he did ????? HAS someone angry with him and he may be in trouble over it. EVEN if only for a while. I would just say - You never know - you did break the law - and you'll have to wait and see. My thought because -----IF the man does sue him ? You've told him NAH NO - NO WAY - and then it happens - He's not going to trust you at all in important matters. EVER. I never thought turning Dude in for sitting on his bike at a street sign while two other idiots broke into a house at age 15 would result in 13 counts of conspiracy and 2 counts of burglary and have him looking at 30 years in prison either - at 15 years old - but it did - and we were TOTALLY honest with the police and they said we'd get help - THEY helped us alright - Helped us ruin our sons life - he dropped out of school, hit the kids, quit caring, stopped trying....it's been very rough to convince him to trust our judgement since. So just be careful what you say about what you don't know for sure. (even if you do know) Just saying.

    Hugs & Love - and probably a boatload of unwanted advice
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    Glad to know he's going to be okay. Maybe the close call will be etched onto his brain for the next time he goes out. FWIW, I was NOT a difficult child and I pulled a similar bone-head stunt, riding on the wrong side of the road and got bounced off the hood of a car that was turning right onto the road that I was riding down the left side of as we both converged at the opening of my housing tract. The driver was not expecting a bicyclist to be coming from his right, and I was not watching either. Aside from a badly bruised hip, bloodied knees and a mangled bike, the worst part was getting a ticket from a cop in the ER and then getting chewed out by my dad once I got home. Needless to say, I never rode on the wrong side of the road again after that!