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    I think easy child 3 is teething. He is drooling over everything and gnawing my fingers/hand/his fists. We're trying a pacifier for the first time ever. As long as I hold it in he does fine with it. He has been comfort eating so much his little tummy just can't hold it all. if it is teeth this is the youngest any of my kids have gotten them. The others have waited a few more months and then gotten 4 at once. No pain with it; just lots of drooling. And they would take months to actually come all the way in.
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    It's possible! My daughters two bottom front teeth came through when she was just two months old. My son's came in early too but not quite that early.
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    4 months is late for kids in my family. I was born with two teeth. All of my kids have at least two teeth by two four months and working on more. Drool is something we deal with the whole first year...lol. Bibs are constantly on them.

    I will tell you some of the things we did. They now sell these really cool mesh things that you can put fruit in and he gums the stuff out. Oh yeah...you freeze it before you give it to him so its cold. It looks like a pacifier. We put mashed up banana's, strawberries, mashed up banana's in her food and made it really thick and stuck it in there, made some jello and put it in. All kinds of stuff. yes she will get messy. You can take a bagel and freeze it. She wont actually eat it, she will gum it. Wet a wash cloth and freeze it...give it to her to naw on. Most of those plastic teething rings are useless. They are sharp and too big to get in her mouth. She wants small, soft, cold and stuff she can suck down. Her gums will hurt eventually so have some teething gel on hand and they have some homeopathic tablets that really seemed to help my kids and Keyana. Dont know if you want to try what parents in the olden days used...whiskey on the gums. LOL. All of us over 30 or so got dosed with alcohol and operates for pain and digestive issues when we were babies...lmao. Good ole paragoric. I miss that stuff.
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    Best thing I've ever done and it costs nothing: wet a wash cloth, freeze it, give it to baby. They love the cold which numbs the pain and they love the texture.

    I tried everything in the book, this was the best, especially for those baby's who just needed to gnaw on something all the time. (and their lil tummies don't get over full)
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    Lisa, have you seen the new mesh thingy that looks like a pacifier? I swear I love it now. I used the wash clothes and bagels with my boys, even those frozen ice pops that are like a dollar a dozen at the dollar store. They rarely actually made it through those things but were easy to grab onto. But these new mesh things are wonderful! They sell them in the baby isle and are so darned cool! You can put just an ice cube in there and let them get water. I just like putting fruit. I had two and kept one always in the freezer so it was ready.
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    When he's a little older, frozen waffles. Nice and cold with built-in drool pockets.
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    My Monster Tots started teething just before they were 4 months old. Par for the course with children in my family.

    The thing that worked best for both Tyrannosaur and Tyrantina was those little rubber bath toys shaped like animals. Small enough to bite on, but large enough to not be a choking hazard, BPA free, and strong enough to handle being knawed on by teething twins.
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    Janet, I'm going to have to look for them, I've not seen them yet. If they have them out our local stores may not have them because between Oliver and Nichole's bff's new baby I've spent alot of time in the baby depts and not seen it. But I wasn't looking for it either, so now I'll actively look.
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    Thank you, I'll do the cold wash rag. The pacifier didn't work so well. Hopefully the wash rag he can hold himself. When he is older I'll look for the mesh thing. I'd never heard of them before.

    Janet, I feel sorry for your mother feeding you. lol
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    Am I reading your signature right (did you give names based on real gender?) that your boys all have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)? If baby is a boy, maybe he is needing more input sensory wise?

    my difficult child needs lots of gum to chew now, always biting stuff and anything to do with the mouth can ruin his whole day. Braces have been so fun, happily they come off in a month! (wouldn't even have gone there, but he really hated to look in the mirror at his teeth and he didn't need another self-esteem issue--luckily insurance covered it)
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    The Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in my kids is affected by their birth order. The most severe is my oldest. Second, not as severe. Third, quite mild Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Fourth, has some Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) traits, but not enough to be diagnosis with any thing. PCs 2 and 3 not any where close to the spectrum.

    I know they are both young to be saying that, and I am still watching them. difficult child 1 and difficult child 2 both had symptoms as infants so I know what to watch for.

    I sometimes wonder if it is like that in other families, but there aren't many other autism families with lots of kids. So, I don't know it it would work like that in other families as well.

    Thank you for the ideas though.
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    My suggestion is going to seem gross. We didn't do it on purpose, it started with Wiz and was more something we couldn't keep him away from. Then he and Gma started it with the others.

    We had some leather coasters when Wiz started teething. Farly thick leather, maybe 1/4 inch thick, not thin like glove or purse leather. He chomped the daylights out of them. We couldn't keep them hidden after he started crawling. I used to boil them to make sure they were not growing germs. I did keep a close eye on them and trim the edges when it looked like he might soon be able to bite a piece off of them.

    I have seen the mesh teething things and they are cool. I really wish we had them. Lisa, here is an amazon listing for the mesh things, at least I think this is what Janet is talking about: http://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-Pack...s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1318455337&sr=1-9

    Frozen washcloths were awesome and I always kept some in the freezer. I used to make sure I was NOT using one of those laundry soaps with the scents that lasts and lasts (gain, those new scent crystals, any product with much of a scent we didn't use on the washcloths) because I didn't think that the residue that causes the scent to last was a good thing in the kids mouths' a whole lot. My mother would get them damp with apple juice and then freeze them, but it made a HORRIBLE mess as it thawed.

    I used to get these fairly cheap red teething rings. They didn't get frozen and they had five bumps around the ring, each with a different texture. Each of my kids had a favorite texture on the thing and no two of mine liked the same one. It was esp handy with thank you because he HATED anything cold. Would NOT have a frozen/cold wash cloth anywhere near him. Not even on his gums.

    Teething gel was a must. Just watch VERY closely the first few times you put it on. It burns some people. My dad is one of those people who just can't use any type of orajel, so we watched the kids to see if they reacted that way. Wiz did react to the orajel and nightime orajel products. Gerber made a teething jel with a much lower amt of benzocaine or whatever the active ingredient it, and that helped him. But if we used reg baby orajel he screamed nonstop and even got blisters in his little mouth. The other two didn't have that problem.

    If upset tummy/colic s a problem, try getting some catnip and making tea for him. It sounds bonkers, but catnip is a mint. I don't advocate buying it in the pet dept because standards for pets are different than for humans. Health food stores sell catnip loose and also in tea bags. We used this with thank you and it was a MIRACLE. All of my kids had colic. Wiz got benadryl rx'd by the doctor because it knocked him out and then we could get a break and stay sane. Jess actually got paragoric, the stuff janet mentioned - it is AWFUL stuff but it knocked her out too so we could get some sleep. thank you got catnip tea (steep the tea for 3-5 min then use for half of the water in a 4 oz bottle of formula or to dilute apple juice for a child who has had that introduced but has an upset tummy, I personally just drank it with a little honey when my tummy hurt) and it did NOT knock him out - it dealt with the problem and he was a smiling, laughing, happy baby.

    We used the tea during teething because all of the drool can lead to tummy problems. Either eating too much and throwing up, or swallowing so often that they get a belly full of gas. For us the gas drops did not help, not for any of the kids. An herbalist that helped me control migraines far better and longer than any doctor managed was the one who suggested catnip tea. I researched it before I tried it and the change in my child was incredible. I have had many family members use it on their babies and it is amazing to each family.

    I hope easy child 3 feels better soon.
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    Yes its the munchkin packs and they are great. Dont cost an arm and a leg but yeah they are more expensive than a wash cloth.