tenix or tinex

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    hi everyone i have been lingering for awhile.my difficult child is doing much better with the focalin.but his phych.did suggest another medication.but i never heard of it.maby some one here has.it is either called tenix or tinex. but it sounds like that.thank for any help.and remember it does get better.i never thought it would but it has.thank you.
  2. jannie

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    It's tenex. Generic name is guanficine. It is a high blood pressure medication which is now being used to treat symptoms of ADHD. It can help with impulsivity, activity level, and agression. It worked quite well for my son. He was on it from age 4 1/2 until 6 1/2. As you know everyone responds differently.
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    thank you .im just afraid to stary him on a mixture of medications when he seems to be doing well with what he is on.she said it does not have the same side effests like he wont lose his appointment..but i am happy with what he is doing now.he went from 80 mills of rittalin to 20 of focalin.and he really is doing well.on top of that he has behavior therepy once a week.and it is really workin.
  4. jannie

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    My son was first prescribed it to be used in conjunction with adderall. We discontinued the adderall within two weeks of starting the tenex. He stayed on only tenex for at least 8 months. After that, we added risperdal...and eventually a mood stabilizer, trileptal.
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    Does difficult child have any trouble getting to sleep at night?

    Tenex helped difficult child to sleep - countered the Adderall.