TGIF - Good Friday morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Good morning friends & fellow warrior parents. It's Friday ~ we made it through another week (well almost).

    I'm agenda free until 5:30 this afternoon when Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) manager comes in with the new Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker for kt. I'm excited about this as it's the same program that is working with wm. FINALLY!

    kt has been a real pill this week. While she loves her new day treatment setting the early morning bus time is reeking havoc on her system. Ugly .... very very ugly.

    I've been up all night working on a new painting that I'm very excited about. :painter: It's nothing more than a red breasted nuthatch in a tree but for some reason this painting is giving me hope. I cannot seem to set it aside unless I really have to attend to something else.

    Have a good day all ~ hope your difficult children are cooperative & your world is right today.
  2. Janna

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    Good morning Linda and all to come later :)

    D's van comes very early, too. I have to begin waking him up at 5:45 AM because it takes him almost an hour to get up and his van comes at 6:45 LOL! Doesn't leave much room. I'm glad to hear she likes the program though! Yeah!! Enjoy painting.

    I have two big meetings this morning. One for J to get into his learning program, the other for D's Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) with the insurance company and MHMR. I'll have B with me ALL day - ugh - such a PITA.

    Can't wait til he goes to the Army.

    Gonna do my 3 miles later this afternoon and try to get a second for myself.

    Have a good weekend.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I hope this new Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker works well with kt. I'm sorry she has struggled with the bus so much this week. I'm so glad to hear you are painting and that it is giving you hope! I hope you can post a picture of it when you are done.

    Janna-Sounds like a very busy day for you. I hope the meetings go well and I'm glad to hear that you are going to get in a bit of me time for yourself.

    I'm so glad Friday is here. It's been a long hard week both at work and home. After school tonight difficult child is going to respite for the weekend. He is doing his usual complaining, crying, begging hoping we won't make him go. As usual, it won't work. I do wish he wouldn't stress so much about it but we need this respite this weekend more than I can tell you.

    No real plans for tonight. I won't be surprised if I fall asleep very early. I'm so looking forward to a peaceful, relaxing weekend.

    Wishing everyone a happy free choice Friday!:peaceful:
  4. Marguerite

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    Good morning friends. Sorry to hear about the early starts causing problems for you, Linda & Janna. The painting sounds interesting, Linda.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy your respite. I hope difficult child settles to respite and stops making such a fuss.

    We had a busy day today, difficult child 3 got no real work done. He did watch a documentary on ice storms. I've seen it before, it's really effective. Explains the effects as well as how they occur.

    We've had some appointments today, plus we've ended up at easy child & BF1's place on the lake in Newcastle. The lake is tidal, we just walked down to te lake edge in the dark and showed difficult child 3 the phosphorescence - easy child splashed some water and you can see the shock of light following the ripples. I haven't seen it since I was a young girl fishing for crabs at night with my brother (who also lives on the lake edge, on the other side of the same lake!)

    Tomorrow morning I'm going with easy child to herwedding dress fitting, then we'll go meet up with husband & difficult child 3 at a train club in this area. Tomorrow night we'll have dinner at the restaurant that is catering for the reception, to help choose the menu. easy child has her dining table covered with scrapbooking gear, she's been working on her own invitations. Almost done.
    My brother is dropping in on Sunday morning, he wants to check out easy child's jetty to see how likely it he can use his boat as "wedding car". It's going to be a busy weekend. I hope i can get difficult child 3 to do some maths, but I don't know.

    I'm not going to post much tonight, it'slate and I'm very tired. I started taking prednisone today, it has seemed to help the joint pain but how well I sleep tonight will bea good test. I'm off to get started on sleep! Bed before midnight tonight, is my aim. I'd better be quick - less than an hour to go!

    Enjoy your Friday.

  5. Andy

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    Timer - You sound good this morning. Have a great day! I hope KT gets used to the early bus time soon.

    Jana - I hope you have successful productive meetings.

    Wiped Out - So sorry difficult child is trying to get out of respite. It certainly does make for stressful times listening to complaining. I hope you are able to catch up on some peace and quiet this weekend.

    Today is difficult child's school's 2nd "Fabulous February Friday". He and I went to school last night to set up as much as I could so I can work a few hours before finishing the set up this noon. I had not received a solid confirmation of the food person and found out Wed night that she is not available so I will be leading the brownie sessions. There are two of them and my friend D will help. She can do clean up and resetting for the next session while I check in on the other workshops to make sure all is well (or we can switch those duties if she wants to do the checking). There are only two sessions of brownie making. I hope the second ones are done and cooled in time for the bus riders to take home (I figured car riders can hold on a little longer if need be).

    difficult child is being a PITA - he doesn't feel right this week. I think the pressure of the upcoming school musical and memorizing the books of the Old Testament is getting to him. He just found out on Wednesday that he has another paragraph to memorize for the musical. I told him the musical is top priority this week and next but he insists on learning the books of Bible memorization to keep his A plus in memorization. He did 1/2 the books two weeks ago and the other 1/2 last week so just needs to put them together. Last Spring he could not for the life of him get any of the lists put together so I am viewing this as another success to be able to memorize a list. Also with dress rehersal next Thursday, I am sure there are more practice times and he states his head feels weird during the singing practices - he does his breathing excersises a lot during the days lately. He needs to tell the music teacher when he needs a break.

    He also states he is getting a tad nervous about his upcoming NYC trip. I am glad we have a therapist appointment next Friday.

    I am going to try to get difficult child to school by 8:00 so that I can get to work early and work to 11:15/11:30. difficult child wants me to take Applebees to school for lunch - not sure that we would really have time for that (lunch is only 20 minutes) so will probably do Subway or Burger King. I need to wrap one table with newspapers, cook one batch of brownies, distribute handout bags to the teachers, prepare the game room, health room, butterfly room, and be prepared to greet the workshop leaders before 1:00.

    I am getting excited - this afternoon is going to fly by!

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  6. Andy

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    Marg - We were posting at the same time. What a busy day - those wedding plans are starting up again! I hope you get some sleep tonight - tomorrow will be another big day for you.