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Good Morning,

TGIF-it is so about time Friday arrived-been a long week. I did make myself go to the club last night which felt good once I was done. :smile:

Today I will have to start taking a new route to work til the end of the school year as construction is starting on my regular route. This will definitely add time to my commute. After work I'm heading right to the club to get in my workout. Other than that not much planned for tonight which is o.k. with me :smile:

Enjoy your day-I hope you find reason to smile. :flower:


Good morning all,

Sharon - enjoy your quiet night. You deserve one.

Not much going on here. I saw my new internist yesterday and she thought it was absolutely ridiculous that my cardiologists let my allergic reaction go on for so long (3 weeks now). I know this cause she said so about 5 or 6 times. :bravo: I really like her. She switched me to another blood thinner, so I should be feeling better here real soon! YAY!!!!

easy child has an eye doctor appointment this morning and then I'm going to help him with schoolwork as he attends an online school for this year. Other than that, I have a quiet day.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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Good morning friends,

Sharon - here's to a calm day. Enjoy that workout!

Heather - it's good to hear that someone is finally going to do something for you. Geeeeez! Hope you're feeling better soon.

kt is taking a mental health day from school today. Not much on our agenda - although sleep & naps sound like a good idea.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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:smile: I say TGIF and Happy Free Choice Friday :smile:

Sharon, glad you have a quiet night planned - so do I!

Heather, so glad your internest changed your medications - I would have been climbing the walls by now!

Linda, another day off school for kt - she doing ok? I know she missed another day this week as well. Enjoy the nap!

Final book fair day today. Closing at noon. Three woman have stepped up and said they would take it over next year. But, only one of them has even worked the fair this time. And, none of them can come today for pack up and doing the financial piece. It will just be my friend and I handling it. I was hoping to get out before time pick up time for difficult child, but I think we'll be there until 3:30. Need some groceries in my house!

difficult child has a field trip to a local Japaneese steak house (with the habatchi tables). Exbonehead is going along.

Poor easy child is still loosing hair. Wed was her last day on the orals, we began the oil treatment on the scalp yesterday. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts.

Well, I will be jelling in front of the tube in exhaustion tonight and wish you all a relaxing evening as well.



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G'day, all.

Sharon, you sound very virtuous with all your workouts.

Heather, I'm Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) someone is finally listening to you about that allergic reaction.Have a quiet day helping easy child. That online school sounds brilliant.

Linda, I'm glad you're keeping kt home, I hope she can work out why she's so uptight and tense right now. Not good. I can understand why you're concerned about her.

Sharon, I hope these women are going to be suitable successors to run the book fair for you. Doesn't look good so far, though. I hope difficult child enjoys the Japanese steakhouse. I hope easy child's hair starts to grow back. Maybe if you can find some ancient "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" posters for her, with Persis Khambatta on them as Ilia. She had her head shaved for the role and looked absolutely beautiful. When she was going to a party she wore detailed designs painted onto her scalp.

I've had an enforced quiet day. I had an attack of vertigo yesterday morning which had me fall into the wall and a bedside table. I've got some interesting bruises. Then this morning the vertigo was worse (but I was ready for it this time!) and didn't go away, so I saw the local doctor (who is new, a totally unknown factor). He found my blood pressure a bit high (very high, for me) and told me to rest - I'm trying to!
I have to go out tomorrow - easy child 2/difficult child 2's callback, they want her all afternoon, which tells me that she'll have to work hard to not get this job. However, part of the role calls for her to "make out" with the other actor and she's very unsure about that. We've talked it through, she really wants the part but is not sure how to handle it, I guess. We shall see.
But although it will be a longish day, I will be able to rest in the car as I don't really need to walk anywhere. And there's a really cool French patisserie... and maybe another visit to that farmers market in Kings Cross. Kind of weird, in such an unusual place. It's like a seedier, 18+ version of Greenwich Village, maybe. Not the place I'd expect to see a farmers market... but they make a good paella there.

Here's hoping I've got the vertigo under control by tomorrow.



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Good Morning all. We had another good drenching last evening but not as bad as the night before.
Poor husband's flight out of LA was delayed. He didn't get home until 4AM.

Wiped out, hope you get some rest.

Linda, hope kt feels better. Keeping her home may help.

LDM,I'm sorry that easy child's hair is still falling out. In keeping with hope for the best and plan for the worst scenario, you may want to look at scarves and wigs to help her through until her hair grows in.(if the bald patches are noticeable.
About the book me someone else will do ok. It's hard to turn over something you worked so hard at especially if it's done differently than your way. It will go on and you have to let it go. :wink:

Marge, stay in and rest. Vertigo is really debilitating. I had it once as a teen and I couldn't even walk. I can't imagine days of it.

The work on this house is moving slowly. The gentleman seems to want to chat a lot. I have been disappearing into the office to get my own work done. I hope he is done soon.

difficult child went grocery shopping with me yesterday. He is looking clear eyed and settled. Keep a good thought. Today he returns to work. He has 2 split days off but for him it's good. It's better to have the work week broken up.

Today may be a lighter day since husband will work from home once he wakes up. easy child needs some help with graduation announcements so maybe I can help with that part. I may head out to the garden.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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just have a few mins left to spare here at library, thought I would say HI!

Early this morning I took my coffee out to back patio and watched 2 bunnies frolick in yard......Enjoying the early morning sunrise, and my patio swing and the coffee, LOL.

Life continues to be as weird and strange as ever county is a strange one, and I have been following the story of a HS boy/man who wrote an essay for school and then it turned into him having legal charges filed against him over it.
Something VERY weird happened with my lil dude and police, similar to some threads here, but......I am not ready to discuss it, but I think there is a lot of over reaction to a lot of things going on. - so becuz of it, my son has been afraid to leave the house now for a month. Not even to play in our yard. Yes, he is OK, he was not a victim - actually, he has been accused.........but no, noone was hurt. ANd his issue dredged up some PTSD stuff for BOTH my girls.............
On the plus side his interest in scienece is amazing and wonderful- and he pulls me along when we do his science. His reading is getting some better, slowly....having him read science things seems to help. His handwriting is not improving at all, tho. I am gonna call school and see if they will sell me one of the older ALphasmarts he was using all along.......

PCs victimizers trial still has not has been hanging in court for almost a full year now. The states attorneys office continues toi add new charges to his case. Meanwhile he continues to run his business and wander the county. One of his other victims has now been in a ?psychiatric hospital? for a few months. He had been accused by court of contacting her, but court did not revoke his bond. easy child has applied for a "future physicians" internship at a local hospital for the summer.

Oldest difficult child has been working hard on her GED stuff....but we tried to go to the GED classes and found out they are held in what in daytime is the self contained class she was in in daytime HS. That triggered major PTSD and disassociation. SO we continue to work on her GED alonmg with my sons schooling here at home. The exciting news is she just began a regular babysitting job, a couple hours each day in the evenings. It is close so I can watch over her shoulder. We will see how she does

Bummer is the positive effect of my medications is wearing down.......the injections no longer carry me the full ti me from one till the next, and the oral medications also wear off sooner. But due to side effects, I do not want to increase them yet. SO- I have had to begun to ration myself more carefully.

Everyone have a great day and a good weekend, too.
I sure have been enjoying being outside more, and bought some of the prettiest hydrangeas I have ever seen for my yard. (along with tending to all my other flowers)