TGIF Happy Black Friday Morning

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Happy Friday Friends,

    I'm up way too early this morning and hoping to get back to sleep in a bit. I had a disturbing dream and am now wide awake.:bloodshot:

    Today is our day to hit the 40s-finally!!!!! The last few days have been beautiful-I feel like spring is in the air but I also am not letting my guard down-there is no way old man winter could be done with us yet! We're just getting teased with the nice weather.:temps:

    After work today it is time for my Friday afternoon nap-I have a feeling I'll really need it tonight!

    Enjoy your Friday-the weekend is almost here!:abouttime:
  2. Marguerite

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    Why black Friday? You've got me confused. Enjoy your early spring weather, Sharon.

    We're definitely in early autumn here although we're still getting warm enough days to swim. It's been raining yesterday afternoon and today, but the doctor said I can go swimming again and shower again,no worries any more about getting my surgery wounds wet. I just have to keep them out of the sun for a while or the scars will darken. More rain is forecast here, I might get a chance to swim if we get some sun.

    Today my neurologist did his usual magic trick with my middle ear and now the vertigo is almost gone. I probably need another treatment or two, but already I'm doing a lot better. He did see me in the surgeon's rooms yesterday, I realise just how fast things happened with the cancer diagnosis and treatment - I saw the neurologist only two days before the call-back mammogram, three weeks ago.

    I managed quite well today, it was the first time driving the car and I also did a fair bit of walking. I was tired when I got home, but had an hour's solid catnap, so I was re-charged enough to go down to mother in law's to cook dinner. I did choose a simple meal, though.

    I took my last antibiotic pill this evening, I really think a lot of my slower recovery was because of the infection. I am feeling so much better now. I'm still being sensible, though. I got a phone call tonight - an old friend from our church died a few days ago, his funeral is tomorrow, but it's north of Sydney, about three hours' drive away. I'd like to go, but I'm being sensible. Even though someone else would be driving, I know the trip would be tiring and I need more recovery time. I know my old friend would be telling me to stay home. He had bowel cancer, we knew his days were numbered; he'd left our village to go live near his (adult) children and grandchildren. We've got a number of our people too unwell to make the trip, so we'll probably be having a happy memories session for him at church on Sunday.

    We're gearing up for our annual village fair next weekend. Sis-in-law will be here for it, I'm so glad. She will enjoy it. Fingers crossed for good weather next weekend!

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  3. crazymama30

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    Not so sure on the Black Friday thing either.

    Sharon, here's hoping you get that nap.

    Marg--infection will slow everything down. To aid in healing if you eat a high protein diet, take lots of vitamin c and a multivitamin it may help. That is what the plastic surgeon reccomends to his wound care patients.

    It will be an interesting weekend. husband is doing a mega medication change, should really knock down the mania we hope.

    For today, easy child is home as she bruised her tailbone and is in too much pain to go to school. difficult child will go to school---I will probably buy him a hot chocolate on the way to school--he deserves something special. I am not going back to work untill next Wednesday--have to play psychiatric nurse at home.

    Have a good Friday all, and hope the weekend is good for everyone~
  4. Wiped Out

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    I don't understand the black Friday thing myself-I'm guessing I was so tired when I started the thread this morning it popped up when I started putting in the subject and I just clicked on it when I saw Tgif-told you I was tired! difficult child ended up sick so I came home half day-going to take a nap!!