Thank God my grandchildren are little, and Yours?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Jen, Sep 19, 2007.

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    Of course my difficult child son has 3 children by his ex fiance, that has turned into a fiasco for us of no visits, that we think we are to exhausted to go to courts over...again.. Then he is married with a wife, and I am sure other then watching his son and being Mr. Mom, he doesnt hold a job, maturity, or common sense.
    I have a easy child daughter that with each passing day is another disappointment. Her marriage has been on the rocks since last fall. She moved her husband adn son to our place in the spring, joined the army for the money and stability for her family with intentions of sending for them once she was posted. Now it she doesnt want to be married anymopre, the child can be uprooted and moved out to Washington where she is at until deployment next yr. Parties in the evenings, and now goes through all the money leaving nothing to pay the bills for 2 new cars, daycare, child needs, and the usual. I told my sister in law that enough is enough. He needs to get a hold of her c/o adn get help with fianaces and put her in her place. She will pay the consequences but to bad, she has no respect for us.
    How about all of you?

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    I got off the beaten path. If I were one of these kids, I would be so scared as to what will become of my family, my life. and my future. Who will be really bringing up whom. Children deserve a life of protectiveness, security, happiness, no concerns, not parents that doesnt know which end is up.

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    Hi Jen,
    I'm so sorry about the heartbreak you kids are causing you...Since you asked, my difficult child is doing well but my easy child is not. I just got back from Childrens Hospital. They think he has Marfan syndrome. This is because he has all the symptoms, and his entire back and some on his legs are covered in stretch marks.He is a stick. It's a condition of the connective tissue. The potential problem is with his heart. They told me to stay away from google about this. I know that you can die suddenly if the heart tissue is tearing like his back and legs. As of today no more football, boxing or gym until the heart is looked at. I am waiting for a call back for the cardio Dr. appointment at Childrens. Im sick, how can I function being this upset? Jen-take comfort in the fact that your kids are healthy. It's not much, but it's all I can offer-that plus a cyber hug.-Alyssa
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    Jen, have you ever read the book, A Child Called It? It was written by Dave Pelzer(sp?). He tells the story of his own childhood and the horrendous things his mother did to him. He survived and is now a published author and motivational speaker. It was an unbelievable childhood, but yet this brutalized little boy managed to live thru the horror and even become a success.

    Your grandchildren will probably survive, some may even thrive and lead rewarding lives. The human spirit adapts to its surroundings, so while it is enviable to grow up with security, protection from the world's evils, and with no concerns--I would imagine there are few children who actually get to grow up this way..... You don't usually miss what you don't know.....

    Just my ramblings in an effort to tell you that your grandchildren do have a chance at happiness and success......just call me a Pollyanna......