Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by iNEEDserenity, Dec 2, 2007.

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    I just want to say that this weekend, let's just say everything that could go wrong did, from having to buy a car (my fiance's car is unfixable) to the basement flooding from cracks along one whole wall. it was just one of those weekends.... anyway, usually when i'm stresed out, the kids have a way of pushing my buttons, and to my surprise, my difficult child was so well behaved ALL weekend!!!! The only things i had to talk to her about were the usual consistant reminders to do things, but she didn't argue with me ONCE!! (this has been a major issue for a few months now, she picks fights with me over everything little thing she can, like that sign is lavendar, NOT purple etc)
    Let me back track a little, Thur evening there was a school christmas concert she was to perform in and i got a phone call from the principal informing that she was to be suspended from the concert because she was out of control in choir (rehearsal) and what crossed the line was that she snuck a metal curtiain hook (u know the old 50's style curtain with those difficult odd shaped hooks? her cat jumped on and pulled down the old ones and i thought i threw everything away - obviously i missed a piece) anyway, she poked a kid in the thumb, he's fine but ZERO tolerance. I told the principal that i understand and will keep difficult child home from concert but i also told him that the unfortunate part of that it's really punishing my family more than difficult child.
    So rather than going to the concert, i had difficult child think about why she was missing the concert and list 5 things she can do to change her behavior in the future, and to my surprise she did!! she also, ALL on her own, she decided to make the list into a contract and she went over 5 too!!! sneaky little buger wanted SO and i to sign b4 she finished it, we both told her we don't sign anything until we've read it completely first!! #2 on the list is stop arguing with mom, #4 to be nicer to her little brother!!! and i've seen a huge improvement ever since. im smart enough to know to enjoy it while i can becauase nothing lasts forver!!! if only i new the exact cause for this turn around...
    anyway, the kids had a christmas concert at church tonight, she got ready with enough time for me to curl her hair and we actually had some nice quality time while getting ready and we NEVER get that. it's always rush rush rush, wheres this? where's that? missing socks/shoes, etc so anyway, thank heaven for little girls! i love difficult child so much and it feels soooo good to brag rather than vent. thanks for listening!
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    I'm glad you're getting to brag on difficult child. It certainly is nice, isn't it?

    Good for her. I hope it lasts a while. :smile:
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    These are the moments that help us survive the other times. I hope she manages to maintain for awhile. Of course, being the cynic I am, my first thought thank goodness for the greed of our kids. I know mine was a little angel when she wanted a special gift for Christmas. Even so, I truly enjoyed those moments and treasured them tremendously.
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    Did you tell her too? A little bit of positive reinforcement, especially when it's genuine, works wonders to keep it going. If she falls off the wagon, just give her a hug and tell her it's OK, just pick up and start again. We can't be perfect all the time, but she sounds like she's really trying hard.

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    :princess: bragging is just as important, if not more so, than ranting around here. Glad your girl made some good decisions :princess:

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    Brag on, proud mama.

    (oh, and let hr hear you :wink: )
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    Gotta love these moments! Way To Go difficult child! Good for you proud mama!

    I have to say, do not make too big a deal about it. I used to praise my difficult child when she had days like these and it always sent her back to difficult child behavior and worse. It was almost like it was too much pressure now that I knew she could do it.