Thank you all for all the good thoughts...

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and prayers.

I broke out of the hospital this morning after a very long week of poking, prodding & endless MRIs & cat scans. The end results of all of this is I have Guillian's Barre (sp?) Syndrome. Came home with a cane & a walker; in home PT is being scheduled. I anticipate a full recovery - just don't know when.

by the way, if you want hints on surviving an autopsy - well, let's just say it's all about the morphine.

Thanks Sue, for keeping our good friends in the loop. (I can't believe you think I'm feisty. Where do you come up with ideas like that? :crazy:)

Again thank you all :kisses: - I hope to be around here more as I recover.


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by the way, if you want hints on surviving an autopsy - well, let's just say it's all about the morphine.

Way To Go!!!! :rofl:

I have Guillian's Barre Syndrome. Came home with a cane & a walker; in home PT is being scheduled. I anticipate a full recovery - just don't know when.

Yes, I've known people who have had it. One was a medication dr. who had an incredibly full schedule. He is back to working again, after a several yr sabbatical, so to speak, but he cut his hours way back and I think his wife is much happier! There's a silver cloud to practically anything!

I'm so glad you're home and that you have a diagnosis. Relax.



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Whew/Phew! How relieved you must be to "know" what the problem
is...even if it isn't particularly lovely! Sending happy hugs
your way. DDD


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Well, you gave us quite a scare young lady! :crazy: Hopefully Sue told you the stories of the two folks I know who've had GB and made great recoveries. Are your hands affected? Can you play the piano as you recover?

Hey- since you need a cane and walker, maybe I'd stand a chance playing golf with you? :wink:

It's so good to see you, Linda. phew/whew!!!



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Mes Linda, Raoul be waiting for you darling woman. Raoul, he massage you back to feel good again. Happy see darling woman here at last.



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Glad you are feeling better. You even brought Raoul out of the woodwork! Has Kathy been keeping him tied up in the closet again?


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Who me???? :rofl:

Linda, I'm glad you are home and they know what the problem is. I know someone who made a full recovery from girlfriend, too.



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Linda, I'm so pleased you are out of hospital. I wish you a complete recovery.

I too have a friend who has also completely recovered from Guillaume Barre. Her problem was that it took them an awfully long time to diagnose it, but thank heavens they finally did, and she is fine today.

I think you have to have patience, it can take some time, but you'll get there in the end.

Sending you a big (((hug))),

Love, Esther


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Sending gentle {{{hugs}}} to you. I am sorry you are going through this - definitely not fun, but it does sound like you've retained your sense of humor despite everything, which is amazing and awesome at the same time.

I, too, know someone who had GB Syndrome - and he has also fully recovered and is back to his old self.

I am glad that you at least know what's going on - and can now take steps to overcome it.

Let husband take care of you for a while - and try to concentrate on getting well. :angel:

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I'm so glad that you've broken out of the hospital and are home, where I'm sure you're much more comfortable. :grin: I hope you can play the piano while you're recovering. Let husband pamper you.

Who knows? Maybe Raoul can sneak in during a PT session and liven things up. :devil: :wink:

Now about this GB syndrom, I'm off to google and learn about it. It's one I've never heard of before.....

Take care of yourself.



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Glad to hear you're well, Linda. I came back looking for you and you weren't here, I got worried. Hope you feel better soon, my friend.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Glad you are back to posting and you have some answers. I have heard of GB syndrome, but don't know much about it. Hoping a plan emerges for dealing with this.....</span>

:doctor: :future:


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Linda, glad you checked in. GB - I have no idea, but I will be researching it in a minute. :wink: It is just in our nature, huh?

Glad they figured it out.

Maybe this is why you quit your job so many months ago. Can you imagine the stress if you had to worry about that now?

How are the tweedles now?

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Raoul, I appreciate your volunteering to help with my therapy.

Suz, I went through 3 days of the IVIg treatment which seemed to slow down the progression of this syndrome.

It's affected my legs & back & my arms to an extent. I've been scared to try the piano - I'm having some trouble with typing at this point. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow morning.

I see a rheumatologist in the next couple of weeks, along with a revisit to the neurologist.

It will be interesting trying to get into our 100 year old claw foot bathtub to shower. husband is heading out tomorrow to get a shower chair with a bar to mount on the wall.

Again, thank you ladies - this has been quite the humbling experience. Between the pain & the weakness I don't believe I've ever felt so helpless. Tomorrow is another day - I plan on sitting out back & watching the birds while reading.


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Glad to hear you are "OK" I too was gone and came back to find news you were not doing well... I was very worried.
So happy you broke out and made it through the autopsy!!!

Golf with a cane hmmm, interesting. Maybe just watch the birds for awhile!!!


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Welcome back, Linda.

I go away on holiday, and what happens? I've been trying to work out the story, through the posts. I didn't realise it had been this serious!

My (now retired) immunologist diagnosed me as having a condition overlapping with Guillaine Barré Syndrome. My neurologist disagrees (to a certain extent, so do I) but it does mean I have read up on it a lot. I never had the rapid onset you're supposed to have with this - mine developed much more slowly. I think it just LOOKS like GBS, in my case. Superficially.

Take it easy, exercise within your limitations but don't rest TOO much, keep slogging and you will get there. Hydrotherapy is great if you can get into it.

I believe Joseph Heller had Guillaine Barré as well - he was the author of "Catch 22".

The worst is now definitely behind you.