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    Thank you buddy, TerryJ2, and Otto Von Bizmark for your replies.

    I've never felt so welcomed by a group before...thank you! When I start a new thread introducing myself, is it best to post under the "general parenting" forum? Also, how much specific info can I share about the treatment/therapy we've done with our daughter? I thought it said under the site rules that we CANNOT share or promote specific people or businesses. That's the secret to our success with our daughter though! I need to share specifics (names and links) if others might receive benefit. We've done ZERO through the mainstream medical/mental health community other than getting a diagnosis and learning how to therapeutically parent our daughter. I learned early on that they had nothing to offer me in truly healing my daughter so I abandoned them quickly. For instance...regarding one specific therapy we've done...there are only four practitioners in the US who do this specific type of therapy (3 of them travel around the country helping families and kiddos like my daughter...Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and DTD kids among other alphabet soup diagnoses). I need to be able to share specifics about our practitioner if any of my info will be meaningful to other members. Also, I'd like to share the yahoo group info where I found all these wonderful and healing therapies. Just want to make sure so I don't overstep my bounds. Thank you again.
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    I replied to this on your other copied it here for you too.... HUGS