Thank you for all the support


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I posted back in October - December last year about my son who was getting all sorts of diagnoses thrown at him like ED, CD, and ODD instead of his Aspergers because he was resistant at school.

I read the forums and other stories and pulled help from everywhere I could. You guys really helped. My wonderful son is now in a school and high functioning and gifted austim kids. He loves and school and feels safe and supported. He's on 2 mg of Intuniv and 18 mg of Concerta and has one had one behavior issue in the four months he has been there and that was when they triggered his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). His IEP last week was a joy and the school only calls if he has a great day or he gets to talk to us for a reward. They have jumped him from 3rd grade to 5 grade academically.

Thank you everyone, even those who didn't post on my threads. It helped so much and our home life has gotten so much better.

I would have posted before now but I was in a very serious accident and was in the hospital and then in a wheelchair since January and I kept meaning to come by and say thanks. So I am now.


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This so wonderful to hear! It's so wonderful when kids get the learning environment they need so they can flourish. They are in school so many hours a day, and what happens there colors all other environments. Sorry to hear of your accident, and you take good care of yourself, too.