Thanking God.

I mentioned in the Good Morning Sunday Post that I had not been feeling well.


I was pretty tired yesterday. In fact I took over a 4 hour nap. Then I had this coughing fit that I COULD NOT stop. Being an out of shape mom, I cough, I pee.
There I sat, on the toilet, coughing. Peeing. Coughing. Peeing. And all the pressure gave me the mother of all migraines.

THEN. from having napped as long as I did, I was up till 3. Slept till 5:30. Woo-woo. Still coughing. Now heart palpatating and cannot catch my breath.

Called my mommy.

She took me to Loyola. They gave me Albuterol brething treatment. That shot my pulse form 120 up to 150. They then gave me some medicine in my IV to bring down my heart rate (damned if I can remember what it was). Made me flush and feel nauseus for about 15 seconds, and then my BiPolar (BP) started to drop. Down to a much more acceptable (for me) 95-100. Then given a killer steroid through the IV as well.

Did 7,839 heart tests. My heart is healthy, except for the speedy rate. diagnosis as supraventricular tachycardia. Also asthma.
RX for Advair inhaler and potassium daily. Zithromax and Prednizone for 5 days. Albuterol when necessary.

Have to quit smoking. I already knew that. But now I really really know it.
No more caffeine. No more coffee. No more Diet pepsi.

If I had not found this out before I had my surgery on June 25, worst case scenarios could have been bad.

Thank you, God. Amen.



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YIKES! I am glad you found out before surgery but am truly sorry anything was seriously wrong! ACK! Hugs and prayers going your way!


I'm glad you are ok and that this was caught prior to surgery. Take care of you.


so glad you went in to get checked out. I work in northern Ill. and almost everyone in this room has been sick with the same thing. One man went to ER and brought in the inhaler you mentioned, said he had the same treatment. So far out of 9 people in this room 7 have been out with this same thing. Sure hope it skips me.
I smoke also...closet smoker. lol. My neighbor is a heavy smoker 1 - 2 packs a day. (thats more than I smoke in a week) He started that new medication two weeks ago (he got a big promotion and really needed to quit for his job) He quit. Hasn't had one smoke in 4 days. Maybe that would give you a little help after your feeling a little better.

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I'm glad you found out about this prior to surgery. I'm sure it wasn't pleasant to go thru, but I think you have a guardian angle hanging over your shoulder. :angel:


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Glad that you've gotten treatment! I expect a full recovery - okay? :wink: :doctor:

Take it easy today. :flower: