Thanksgiving.....what are you grateful for?


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I know many of us are struggling with our difficult kids.....I know how hard it is....

...... I thought we might talk about what we are grateful for as the holiday emerges.......gratitude can be a wonderful salve for worry and helps me so much to look at what I'm grateful for.....

Here is my gratitude list for today......I may add to it later!

*I am grateful to have a home....after living thru the CA. wildfires, I feel fortunate to still have my sanctuary.
*I am grateful that my daughter, although continuing to live her own lifestyle choices, is presently safe and has successfully made a transition from blaming and manipulating me to respecting and appreciating me.
*I am grateful that my granddaughter continues to thrive and be happy. I am so grateful that she appears to be a "typical" 21 year old.
* I'm grateful for my steadfast, supportive, fun loving, easy going best friend, my husband.
*I am grateful that this Thanksgiving I am simply being a "guest" rather than the person responsible for hosting the event. I am actually thrilled about it!
*I'm grateful for my friends.....who provide me with kindness and compassion.
*I'm grateful that I have maneuvered thru the retirement transition and have come to cherish it.
*I'm grateful for my good health and my husband's good health.
*I'm grateful to feel excited to be alive and to wake up each day feeling the simple joy of being. (having spent years steeped in fear about my daughter, this is a tremendous gift!)
*I'm grateful to experience a certain inner peace that eluded me throughout much of my life.....accepting what is, letting go of control, having compassion for myself, opening to allow more kindness and living in the present all shifted that for me.
*I'm grateful to be able to move thru difficulties quicker and with a bit more not get stuck as long in things I can't control anyway.
*I'm grateful for the rains that have come to wash away the soot/dirt/dust from the fires.
*I'm grateful for this forum and all of those who share this unique and difficult journey with me.
*I'm grateful to be "above ground" still able to enjoy each precious moment, each day.

What are you grateful for?.........


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Wow, RE. Good for you! My list is so similar.

The short version: i am grateful to my husband who is my best friend, my kids and grands (even Bart) and my precious furbabies. Our RV and plans to travel during the winter. My strong spirituality with I am so in touch with. That I am able to disregard the chaos in the country and focus on my own stuff (in the past I'd have spent a waste of time worrying about Trump...he still scares me, but I am able to disregard him and other world events that used to worry me.) Sorry, Trump supporters. I am grateful for my life that started out so bad and turned out so good. I am grateful to every one of you here. I am grateful for all the awesome lessons, hard or easy, that I have learned in this lifetime :).


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My list would be similar...
Grateful for my wonderful husband...this is first and foremost
...for our new home
...for kind,smart and caring doctors
...for health insurance
...for family
...for true friends
...for my adorable grandchild
...for days Difficult Child is doing well
...for our country (even if things seem a little odd right now)
...for my adorable little doggie who is a "senior"
...that for the most part I've learned to detach with reference to D.C. and other similar type difficulties


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Here's my gratitude list:

I am grateful to be a cancer survivor of 24 years.
I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful for my loving, wonderful, understanding husband.
II am grateful for my beautiful grandchildren.
I am grateful for my job that affords me to live in a nice home and have food on my table.
I am grateful for my church and all the wonderful friends I have there.
I am grateful for my little cat, she is such a blessing.
I am grateful for this wonderful site where we can share our pain and joys with each other.
I am grateful for the simple things in life that I never take for granted, a hot shower, electricity, heat in the winter and air in the summer.
I am grateful for quiet time where I can sit and reflect.
I am grateful for the lessons life has taught me and will continue to teach me.

I do try and live with an attitude of gratitude each and every day.