The blue in his eyes are no longer


  1. Well here we go again. For the last two months I had my son back. We did Thanksgiving and he reunited with family. He got a job that he liked and bought a car
    All was good!
    This last week in between working and getting ready for Christmas my husband and I both noticed a changed in his behavior. He was isolating and easily agitated. He stopped talking about going to meetings and looking like crap! He claimed hes just tired from working a lot of hours. Okay I get that. But last night I knew the dope signs and he is showing it. We had company over so I ignored the signs.
    This morning hes sitting on the porch listening to music looking like crap. The blue in his eyes are turning dark and pale rash face of that evil dang drug is arising before my eyes. I cant ignore!
    I asked him to admit he is high he denied. I said your not fooling me. I told him I wont have drug use on my property he must leave. He said he was at a party and it was there so he did some and came to my house.
    I dont understand why he wants to be around me when hes drugging I will never get that about him. On my past posts he would constantly break in the house.
    Well he left driving with an expired tag. I hope and pray he dont screw up. My husband wanted to let him in the house to sober up but i disagree and said this is his problem. I cant be around this. I pray for a good night sleep and hope hes safe. I don't know.


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So sorry to hear that he relapsed. How old is he and what is his drug?

I agree that he has to leave. You cannot do this. You are not a rehab or sober living. Unless he is 100% committed, then you cannot or should not help him.

Hugs. This is hard stuff.


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Hi Joysheph. I am sorry to hear that he relapsed. He wants to be with you when he is drugging because he wants you to take care of him. I am glad that you had the strength to tell him to leave.

Stick to your boundaries. Your son has a choice and he has made it. A poster from long ago used to say "Do to get." She meant that our troubled loved ones have to do the right things in order to get things in return. Your son is not doing what he should so he should't get your hospitality.

It is hard, though. I understand.