The Congresswoman's Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) treatment.

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    I am happy for her and her family that she has access to the best Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) care. Three months of intensive rehabiitation should help her be the best she can be. The next three to five years will determine her future.

    on the other hand a local woman was in a horrific accident and was discharged with no aftercare after her vitals were stabilized. According to one of her family members she repeats the same comments every five minutes and does not believe it when her family tells her that she repeats.

    We have traveled the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) road (and have after effects that are lifelong). We were able to access the best care available in our State. I'm not complaining for our family but my heart breaks for those who have no rehabilitation available. Sad. DDD
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    This is so true!

    The wealthy and the elite have top-notch medical care. Doctors strive to do the utmost to restore these folks to their previous state of health.

    For the rest of us? We are restored to "good enough" and sent home.

    Some years back, docs told my grandfather that he was too old for prostate surgery, but they would do their best to make him "comfortable". Grandpa threw a fit! He pointed out that then-Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy had just had the EXACT same procedure and he was years older than my grandfather. Grandpa declared that what was good enough for Coach Levy was good enough for him!

    The good news is that he argument prevailed. Grandpa got the prostate surgery and has been doing well...

    How many other men died after being given the same "too old for surgery" story?
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    That is horrifying!
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    Ditto. DDD
  5. I am so glad to see that Congresswoman Gifford's rehabilitation is being followed by the press. I am hoping that the general public will gain a little greater understanding of the possibilities that are available for those with severe brain injuries. There are no miracle cures, but every individual with a brain injury should have access to a good, comprehensive rehabilitation program. Too many people are sent home from the emergency room with no advice for follow-up treatment and even a seemingly mild knock to the head can cause serious problems. Of course, the payment for this very expensive treatment is a whole other story....

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    Very true. I am utterly amazed at her remarkable progress myself. Even the fact that she is alive is truly amazing.

    I was on the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) floor when I was at the Rehab hospital. Its not pretty. She isnt going to have an easy time. I had a very difficult time of it. Its a horrible thing to go through and the specialists that work with the patients there are angels. I fought going with every fiber of my being because I was scared to death. Now of course, I know I wouldnt have made it without going. I was one sick little puppy.
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    I am amazed that she is back on her feet so soon after surviving such a traumatic injury. I liked the one doctor that said "We'll keep challenging her and she'll keep challenging us."
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    Based on what I've read she was in great physical condition in addition to being vibrant. Those factors will help her gain her best level. Physically easy child/difficult child was able to recover quicker than the others on his ward who weren't in their prime. on the other hand, of course, the mental functioning was not so quick. One thing that I personally find interesting is that twice it has been noted that they had to remove bones from her head which are going to be replaced. They appropriately stored easy child/difficult child's bones at the hospital. Months after the surgery, however, the brain surgeon said "your head shape looks fine now the plates have settked so let's not undergo surgery to get your bones back don't need them." Maybe she won't need that extra surgery either.

    The rehab people really take the patients to the max and don't even blink if a patient spews four letter words. I was upset and mortified by the language that came out of easy child/difficult child's mouth until I heard other patients who were as bad. The rehab people told us to think of it as a good sign that he could speak because many couldn't. Each experience is different but I am following the reports on her closely. by the way the CD family was extraordinary and I still thank God for Sunny (boy, I miss seeing her around here!) because she was in a related field of medicine and fed me information, leads, etc. as I traveled that new world. DDD
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    Thats kinda funny DDD about the language. I became almost the exact opposite. I was almost child-like. People who have told me they spoke with me while I was in there said I sounded like a very weak, naive child. So not the person I really am who would get upset at being forced or asked to do something that bothers me.