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difficult child had a therapist appointment this afternoon. I discussed with her the multidis evaluation I have scheduled for June. We discussed his inablity to just "go with the flow" :grrr:. Out of all of the issues that difficult child deals with, this one is the most worrisome to me.

I used to worry about him socially but, he has a couple good friends and that's ok. He's not going to be an extremely social kid who fits in the group. He happily exists on the outskirts with a couple others and appears happy with his social life :rolleyes:. He has a friend or two over weekly and occasionally visits their home.

Most of the trouble he gets in is over his inablity to roll with it. He's not physical with others, he's cruel to himself. He's a self-sabatore. :hammer:

His therapist said that she is confident difficult child is not BiPolar (BP). She trully feels that difficult child's adhd comes along with some comorbid issues, one of the toughest is his mood deregulation. She's not calling it a mood disorder at this point, but says it is not uncommon in boys that carry high levels of frustration along with their adhd.

I will cc her on all his testing in June.

I then mentioned easy child's alopecia and she said anytime easy child felt the need to talk, she would be there for her. She also said we might want to plan ahead, just in case, and investigate the wig idea. She placed a call to her stylist right there while I was in the office and requested the name of a couple places to get a good wig. She said we might want to get her something funky first that she could wear from time to time. That way, people would get used to seeing her in a wig.

Then she asked me how bonehead and I were doing on our divorce. I told her we were at the point where I had returned his lawyer's document with my requests (note, not demands!!!!). She asked if I had a good lawyer. I told her I had a friend that was an attorney but.......she said "I have a couple I could refer you to that would make sure your interests were taken care of." Yeah, great, I'll take them. I'm getting full family service with her. I love going because I spend about 15 or 20 minutes out of difficult child's hour talking with her. It's like having my own therapist.

Just wanted to let you knwo what was going on and how great it is when "it works."

Hope the remainder of your wednesday is a good one.



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That's great!

How do you find a good therapist? We have tried therapy a couple of times, but we seem to get people who just want to talk. They don't help us come up with any suggestions or game plans. So far, it has been a waste of time and money.


Great update, Sharon! :bravo: Your family's therapist sounds a lot like ours. She's really difficult child's, but she feels like mine, too. She's worth her weight in gold. It should be that way, you know. What's going on with one family member has an effect on the entire family.

Crazy-Steph - You may check with your school guidance counselor or Special Education teacher for a reference on a therapist. They tend to get a lot of feedback from the parents and can usually tell you who they've seen the best results with.


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Great update Sharon. I couldnt agree with you more on how wonderful it is when you have a good therapist.

My therapist is really only mine for individual therapy but she will also do some couples therapy with me and husband anytime I tell her that I feel I need it. She is really there for me as a whole person and if that is including husband in some sessions, so be it.

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How great that the therapist is so wonderful and looking out for your entire family's best interest. Definitely sounds like a keeper. :smile:


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Hold on tight to that one! I never heard of one so helpful!

You are STILL not finalized with bonehead??!! Yuck!


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She was recommended by our peddoc about 5 years ago because she really loved working with boys - it's her specialty.

Not sure how you really go about finding a good one. It's not like a dentist or peddoc where you can ask your neighbors and coworkers. If you have a doctor that you trust, ask them for referrals. Sometimes docs know each other professionally. A trusted guidance counselor is a good idea that Heather had.

If you are paying for something that's not working, STOP!!! Don't throw your money and time away. They are both too precious.