The Heavenly Hawk

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Star*, Feb 3, 2008.

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    I don't know how many of you are spiritual - but this morning I got a call from my girlfriend. Her mother has been at home and she quit her job to take care of her properly, getting a hospice nurse too.

    She had kindey failure yesterday and got a morphine shot - they took her home and sung gospel songs in the house, over her bed while she was fading. She passed about an hour later in peace with a smile - I'm sure the heavenly choir was beautiful.

    And you know I have rescue rats. I lost my first little girl about 2 weeks ago. Well this morning - the little girl didnt come for morning "lovies"my favorite little girl passed away. Rats are clean, and very smart contrary to popular belief. And I thought to myself .....I wonder if my girlfriends Mom got to enter heaven with my little rat in hand?

    Then I was wrapping her in her favorite blanket - and I see a hawk standing in the yard. We never get hawks - with the cat we hardly get birds anymore. And this hawk, huge head, grey belly - dark markings - looked right at me in the window, spread its wings twice, and then took off.

    I think he headed for heaven with my little Jwi.

    When our son died, there were 2 services - on Christian and one Native. As the men beat the drums and the women danced in ceremonial attire - I looked up and saw the hawk circling above. The chief said it was a good sign - the heavenly hawk took his spirit to the next world.

    I think such a sweet little rat deserved the same ride. I'll sure miss them both.

    Just looking at things a little different today - for the animals sake.

    No need to apologize or anything like that - I know they are in a better place because they won't be old, or hurt, or be sick. I just miss them that's all. Rats catch your tears in their little hands and give them back to you as smiles.
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    This brought tears to my eyes. :( difficult child had 2 mice... Krispy & Creme. Creme was the female, very tiny, and became pregnant. She died during childbirth but had 7 little babies. They looked like peanuts. :)

    I did my best to keep them alive, layed them on a piece of rabbit fur, fed them...etc...but one by one they passed, and with each one tears were shed. :( I still have that piece of rabbit fur.

    Your little rat did get a ride to Heaven on the wings of that Hawk. All creatures deserve that.

    Hugs for your hurting heart.
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    Oh, Star. Hugs for your hurting heart today.
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    Hugs Star for your aching heart. They're in a much better place and happy once again. But you will still miss them.

    I'm glad the hawk stopped by your house.