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    Hi family -

    Some of you may remember our son Steven that passed away Friday the 13th, February of this year. Sure doesn't seem like eight months. I really miss that kid. :D Even though he's gone? He still makes me smile.

    I was going through a box of cards and came across some letters he wrote me and what a good head he had on his shoulders. I'm just so sorry he never got a chance to use those talents here.

    About a month ago there was a write up in the paper for our local Salvation Army. Since I volunteer there and had gotten Dudes suit for his brothers' funeral there they interviewed me. I told them that I was picking out a suit, was in tears, a man stepped up to help when he found out what the suit was for - then paid for it before I got to the counter. I've rarely been so touched by kindness. When the funeral was over? I had the suit cleaned and donated it back to the thrift store so it was once again recycled and resold to help someone else out. The money goes to help homeless, fire victims, unemployed seeking employment, battered women, children without school's pretty neat.

    Well today I met the man that bought the suit. He just stepped up and asked me if I remembered him. I did. He asked me how my other son was. I told him he was well. I told him I knew what he had done that day, he said "Not much." I was in tears again. I hugged him and said "A lot more than you knew." He said he read the paper, and was so happy to see that article and he knew exactly who that was, and what suit they were talking about. He said it made him feel like a million dollars to know it had served a purpose AND that I did such a good thing with it afterwards. I just smiled and said - I said it could be like the Brotherhood of the Traveling Suit.

    Today was a good day. I remembered Steven, Someone else Remembered Steven. That suit is out there somewhere helping someone else, and I know that two of my three boys are watching me from up above. It was a very good day!:D
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    Thanks for sharing that story. You made me cry. :brokenheart: And smile. :D

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    Wow. Amazing.

    You really touched my heart.
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    You are truly a wonderful human being, the kind of person who gives us a good name among the other creatures on the planet.

    I am so happy that you are my friend and that you had good memories of all of your sons today.
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    Thank you so much for sharing. This made my day!
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    Star, that is wonderful. It had me in tears.
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    I have tears in my eyes. -RM
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    An inspiring story!
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    Star, what a wonderful story! Made me tear up too. Thanks for sharing.
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    What a beautiful story, Star.
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    Me too!
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    What a wonderful chance meeting! Thank you for sharing. I bet the man was moved to read your story in the paper.
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    How to talk so the world will listen... you have that gift.
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    Good story!

    Thanks for sharing...

    (Sorry again about Steven)