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difficult child's therapist has recommended Therapeutic Day Treatment for difficult child, although her insurance wouldn't cover it. The insurance provider has since changed, though, and I would like to try again. The therapist mentioned something about it being only for a couple of weeks.

Can any of you tell me what this is, what to expect, and your experience/thoughts on it? Also, doesn't the school have to pay for the educational part of it or is there something special I need to do there?


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Both of the tweedles attend day treatment. For them, it's a 6 hour a day program split into 3 hours therapeutic & 3 hours academics. It has been a long term placement for both of them - kt will attend hers through high school, if necessary. The same for wm.

It has been the best setting for both of them. I can't tell you what to expect though as each DT setting is different. I do know that most DT's utilize living/coping skills all through the day with therapeutic supports in place for the entire day.

While kt has been in this setting her academic grades have improved from being tested at 2nd grade level, nearly flunking, to almost grade level & all A's & B's. wm academics have improved greatly & is testing in at 4th grade level (a huge gain from last year - kindergarten or below).

I do know, that here, the schools are paying for the education portion. However, each of the tweedles were placed in these settings by their schools; kt's day treatment is one of the best & is run by our SD..


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Our son has been in a similar day program for several months now - and sounds similar to Linda's description. difficult child has academics and extensive thereapeutic nets in place - and expresses hatred of the program, but we've seen improvements in his behavior that merit an extension of the timeframe we planned to have him enrolled.

Our school district is footing the bill right now, as they are the ones who referred him to the program. In fact, they bus him to and from the program every day. I am not sure our insurance, which is a fairly decent plan, would pick up any of it either, if they were billed. So sad. difficult child was referred to the day treatment after a horrendous start to the school year and a month-long inpatient stay at the psychiatric hospital.

We had initially expected our difficult child to be in the program for about a month - but that has stretched out - and I suspect that he will be in there at least through the end of this school year. Apparently, they also have a summer program at this particularly day treatment facility, so he may even benefit from that, too. Depending on what happens with medications/behavior, he may be in the program longer. I have learned to attempt not to try to see too far into the future, as things can turn on a dime.

We are fortunate, because our difficult child somehow manages to do well academically, despite his severe emotional issues. I don't know how he retains the things he learns with everything else going on, but he does and we thank God for that. He hates the fact that he cannot attend his "regular" school, with his "regular" friends, etc. When he goes down Meltdown Road for any reason, he always makes a detour down this particular side road in his rantings. However, we are working with a new doctor and adjusting medications and are hopeful for the first time in several years.

The collaborative day treatment program has been good for us, although I was overwhelmed about it at first.

Good luck. I hope this all works out for you.


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Wanted to let you know that I do not recall anyone ever having a bad experience with using day treatment for their difficult child. If my memory serves me, most are thrilled with the progress of their difficult children and the difference it has made in their lives.


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Just curious, how does one fine these programs in their area? Here in Dallas I have not been given any info on these as a possibility, but yet it is exactly what we need.