therapist or couselor at IEP?



I seea counselor,not sure of her legal title. She has told me that she has dealt with many kids and schools, and the school has the resources just not telling me.

difficult child therapist said he was going to place a call to school to see what is going on after difficult child and I informed him of what was happening.

Would it be wrong for me to ask either of these if they would join me in the IEP meeting in MAY?

Counselor is who I see.
therapist is difficult child's.


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I would strongly consider asking difficult child's therapist to attend or provide a letter outlining what sort of interventions difficult child requires from the school.


You can take anyone with "special knowldge about the child." Either of these two people fit that description.

A doctor just saying an IEP is needed doesn't cut it. There has to be a like between the disability and negative educational impact. Some docs are good at making this connection and others are not.

If I were you, I would talk with both about how they think they can help you at the meeting before deciding.