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I remembered today that last year at the IEP meeting, I refused to sign to allow ALL difficult child's therapist records to be released to school. This was because there had been SEVERAL problems with SEVERAL teachers blurting out hurtful things to my difficult child in front of the whole class- I'm talking about hitting below the belt and saying inappropriate things that should not have been said to him at all, much less in front of other students. I had provided the school with ALL test results, diagnosis's, medication info, and recommendations from psychiatric who did testing. I have tried to teach my difficult child, however, that he can discuss things that bug him, things going on with him, etc., with a therapist in confidence. Of course, if he gave any reason to be concerned about his safety or someone else's safety, the therapist would report that. The school knows that I'm sure. So, my question is, can they use this against me in any way (saying non-compliance or in court if this goes to due process or defense if they didn't make more effort to really incorporate the recommendations)?
My difficult child will be going back to a therapist, assuming I get to bring him home, and I still would refuse to let his personal conversations with his therapist be released to the school- unless safety was involved. Is there any particular way I should handle this?



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you have the right to dissiminate info anyway you wish. you could authorize the release of very specific therapist info with-o including the whole file.

hippa law is very specific about the use of medical info so no you cannot be noncompliant. now if this was a criminal case and the procecutor asked for a warrant from a judge that would be a whole different matter.

i gave permission for info to be shared by therapist but only in how therapist feels the sd could best handle certain situations with-difficult child.
for example: making difficult child correct all the 3's he writes backwards will just cause frustration and is developmentally normal for this age so let this go for now.