There IS a Santa ... truly there IS (crying tears of ... I'm not sure)

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    Wow. I'm stunned ...

    Ok, so S/O and I are not exchanging gifts. difficult child got the one thing he wants and easy child had a handful of small but nice presents. Then I lucked out on super affordable tickets for the kids to a late winter NBA and NHL game. Turns out to pay them, I ducked gas and hydro bills. Not tooo bad, will have to struggle through January to catch those up, but at least no other debt to handle Christmas. I am not a person hugely into lavish gifts. But I will admit that I was a bit saddened that difficult child had one single present (even though its nice!) to open. And though easy child is in no way greedy, I was able to get her things from her wish list but many things she was not getting. (She'd be fine with that, it's that mommy thing, that drive to want that beaming smile perhaps??? I think this has to do with the fact that throughout the year, they get a nice but not big gift for birthdays, and a small thing for passing school. They dont' get allowance. They don't get alot of clothes. We take good care of what we do have. We have things that need replacing, clothes, bedding etc But it isn't the end of the world. We are better off than many who don't have a roof let alone old things that we are lucky to have. In better times, I would buy good quality, they have lasted. It enables me to help the kids not really notice we truly live far below the poverty line.

    Last night S/O and I were baking cookies. 10p.m. and my phone rings. It's a person I know that I used to do volunteer work with many years ago. Her father is also a politician locally and was my music teacher for about 8 years growing up. I had no clue why she would call.

    I was told in a cheerful voice that she was at that moment standing in walmart with another woman and a man. That somehow my name was given to a local group that is playing Santa for some local kids that they consider deserving of a special Christmas. My eyes teared up. Actually they are tearing up again as I type this. I was kind of embarassed. Until she said that the person who requested something special for my kids had told them that I've been struggling with MS while maintaining normalcy for several years, that last year I was just out of hospital at Christmas and year before, that difficult child had problems for years and suddenly was excelling at school and doing wonderful at home, and that easy child is known at her school as the peace keeper and that she puts a smile on her teachers faces. I have no idea who would know all this about me and the kids nor who would do something like ask for something special for my kids!!!! I'm so moved. I think I'm still a bit embarassed at people realizing that my kids, though living in what appears a middle class home, are sacrificing all year and living below poverty. Yet I'm touched that someone would submit my kidlets for something like this and that this group chose my children as some of the kids they are doing this for. Apparently it was a contest type thing?? I'll get more details later today as to how this all came about I'm hoping!!

    The call turned into a fun one. They were all 3 handing a cell phone around to speak to me while shopping. They were laughing and having such a fun time. They somehow already knew some things my kids like and need. Again, I was shocked. They picked thoughtful things that they knew already were needed. They chose a new comforter for easy child after asking me about colors etc. They actually described them all to me while deciding to ensure easy child would like it. They bought her a new sheet set and pillow cases and 2 new feather free pillows. They got difficult child a thick microfiber blanket (those luxerious soft ones) with jungle cats (his favorite) on them, sheets and pillows as well. For difficult child they got him new socks and boxers, pyjama pants, tshirts for with them and 2 hooded sweaters with some type of design (I don't know what yet). For easy child a new robe, pyjamas, socks, underwear and hat, mitts and scarf that will match her jacket. They bought a shaving kit with razors, blades and gel as well as cologne for difficult child. For easy child there is bubble bath, lip balm, dry skin cream, medicated shampoo she needs for her scalp, and leave in hair conditioner. By that point I actually had to put S/O on the phone because I was crying so much. My kids are going to be so shocked. Gifts are already wrapped under the tree and they knew that was all of them.

    Then, when it should have been the end of the shopping (that list is overwhelming as it is), they asked for what the kids wanted, not at all a single thing that they NEED. I was shy to say anything! They ended up choosing for difficult child: a mens watch, NBA basketball, speakers for his ipod that is his christmas gift from me and S/O, and a DVD. For easy child: a little mp3 player with a screen to read the song titles, some sort of lego set, Tech Decks and a Tony Hawk ramp for them, a NHL licensed jersey and hockey stick, and a board game. They then said that they would be by this evening to drop it all off. They also said to expect some "other suprises".

    It his nearly dinner time here, and this is just making me tear up all day. I think I'm passed embarassed (nearly) and just overflowing with a feeling of wonder or something. I have no idea how to even thank them when they come by later. I have no idea how to thank whoever it was that submitted my kids for a chance for this to happen for them. I have put together a tray of homemade baking with a nice bow on it, and a christmas card with a personal note of thanks to give to the people who deliver it. Also another tray and card for whoever suggested my children, I'll ask them to contact the person to pick it up from them. I'm still hesitating on the wording for the person who suggested my children. But I'll figure it out.

    There is truly a feeling through this event for me that just resounds with the spirit of Christmas. Giving to others while asking nothing for yourself. For someone to do this for my children is just phenomenal. Even more amazing, apparently from the applications, quite alot of kids are getting this beautiful gift this year in our town. I have no idea who is funding it, or how they asked for applications and put the word out, etc. It's a mystery. I've always volunteered for christmas toy drives, food hamper programs etc. This is definitly not something common knowledge in this community. Its almost like there is a underground society of super Secret Santa sneaks.

    I know when my kids see this all on Christmas morning that I am going to be fighting to hold back the tears. I will be telling them on the 25th how it came about that Santa arrived in the house!
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    I can't think of a more wonderful woman & her children to have such a blessing at Christmas! It's been such a hard year for you hon - crying right along with you!!!! There are still good hearted people in the world.

    Thanks for the lovely smile! :D
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    MM....something similar happened to me the year that I left my ex-husband. I was living in a tiny little trailer with my one year old son on FS and no child support. I was working part time at a gas station. I didnt was dirt poor but figured it didnt matter much for that Xmas because the baby wouldnt know the difference plus I knew my dad would get him a few things.

    A week before Xmas I got a card in the mail telling me to come to such and such an address at X time. Please bring a vehicle to pick up some items. Signed Santas Helper

    I was flummoxed. I hadnt applied for any help.

    I went that day and was overwhelmed. They had boxes of new toys for a one year old, they had boxes of used but in very good shape used toys for a one year old, they had clothes for a one year old. They had items for me too.

    I was just so shocked. I never would have imagined that anything like that would occur for us. I still dont know how we were chosen or how they knew our sizes.
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    You made me cry! :beautifulthing:
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    Steely Active Member truly awesome. I am moved. Thank you for sharing.
    I know your children will have the best Christmas ever & therefore so will you.:christmasgift:
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    You made me tear up, too. What a beautiful Christmas story!
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    Wow! That is soooo cool!
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    I'm welling up. That is so wonderful. I'm so glad that you will have a wonderful Christmas. I'm so glad there are such wonderful people in the world and you have been touched and blessed.
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    :) I am glad I shared this with all of you. Isn't it funny that the year we were to have the least, was the most relaxing one so far. We've been glowing with holiday spirit, knowing it was not about things, and all about being together. We've done the best things together. Daily batches of homemade baking. Lots of messes but lots of laughing. TV is barely on, same with computers and video games. I dont' remember this much time spent together all of us in ages. We have played endless rounds of board games, went through a entire can of hot chocolate. It's been wonderful and I'm proud of my kids that they are having their happiest year in the time that is the leanest they've ever known.

    To be able to shock them in a few days is thrilling :). They truly are the best kids and each has alot to be proud of. Im extra thrilled for my Matty Bear. Matt has come so far. And he never complains about not having things other teens have. He is so understanding. He's always thankful for anything he recieves. easy child has her dad and step mom to go see during Christmas and they are very sucessful and well off. She will have a very large Christmas there. difficult child on the other hand, its whatever I can do for him. Even knowing that his sister is spoiled to the n'th degree at her dads (not a spoiled attitude though thank goodness), he is always just happy for her, not jealous as one would expect and even understand. His present is so small under the tree. He badly wanted it and is excited just for that and the pj's he always gets. I can't wait to see him when he comes out and there are a pile of suprises waiting for him. He will really be stunned :) The prospect makes me nearly giddy lol. I guess no matter how old our kids get, we probably never outgrow wanting to suprise our kids.
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    What a wonderful story. You will pass on the gift someday in some form to someone else--perhaps not at lavishly, but in whatever special way you can.

    Enjoy the day, and that you have managed so well on your own. Your children truly will have learned some important lessons from you and from Santa's secret helpers...
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    I'm on the edge of my seat to hear what happens! You guys really deserve this, this year.
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    AW MM I'm crying right along with you. THIS is why I LOVE xmas so darned much. Each year it restores my faith in mankind. It reminds me that there are still wonderful caring people out there hidden behind all of the ugliness and violence in today's world. :D

    I'm proud to say that our family is Santa's helpers this year to another family. easy child's idea due to all the layoffs in the area. Even Nichole and I, the two with the least amount of money, have managed to contribute something. And easy child got the gals she works with at the hospital to donate as well. Each year they pick a family in need, so they added easy child's chosen family in with the other one. We've had soooo much fun doing it. And we get to deliver the goodies Wednesday.

    I'd say whoever gave them your kids names knows you very well indeed. But I don't know a more deserving family.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    :christmasgift: I'm so glad you shared your story. It is the positive side of Christmas.

    There are many who poo-poo Christmas. But then you hear a story like yours, people driven with the spirit of giving, driven to provide for those who need it, driven to give of themselves, and you understand what Christmas love is all about.

    When I "hear" your humbleness, your joy, your embarrassment, your elation, I hear the voice of Christmas.

    Have a wonder holiday - I know Christmas morning will be a blessing to you all.

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    What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.
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    An update ... I recieved a call last evening that someone would call ahead to be sure I'm home today. Apparently something is up. I was told that the presents for the kids are all ready to be delivered but that Santa's Work was not yet complete. Yup, something is afloat! So I was asked if I'd be home today as someone would be coming by when the "finishing touches" were finished.

    I am overwhelmed.

    My lovely neighbor across the street stopped by last evening under the guise of dropping me her copy of the newspaper that she has delivered and her house key. I cat and dog sit for her when she is away. She however isn't leaving until Thursday for her daughters house for the holidays. So a tad early to bring her key. I suspect that she is our secret nominator. I wanted to squeeze her lol. Instead we invited her in for a cup of tea and some treats that easy child and I baked. I had told the kids that someone had nominated them for a Secret Santa type thing and that something special was being delivered for under the tree. I didn't tell them what, or that they truly are about to be bombarded. Wanted some suprise for them, but also wanted them to know ahead of time that they were well thought of by someone who wanted something special for them. Well easy child was over the moon and going on and on to our neighbor with excitement. So if I'm correct and it was my neighbor, I'm very happy that she was able to see the joy that the thought of a suprise brought to us all in the house. I'm sure she'll get an earful on return from her visit to her family, courtesy of easy child, about the generosity that is coming easy child's way. I told difficult child that I think that it was her that nominated them and he thinks so too. He snuck over to her house after midnight and put a deep dish meat pie I baked and a gift box of baking in her porch. We put nice ribbon and bows on them. She deserves a nice little gift anyhow, she's a great neighbor and a great friend. She's newly retired, a widow for about 2 years and her kids live a fair distance out of town. She is the one thing we'll all really miss about living here when the air force relocates us.

    I will let you all know how it all unfolds :)

    As for passing it along one day, we most certainly will. The kids just know they are getting "something" (I think they believe a single present is coming, and are thrilled with that), and still that is more than enough to spur on some pay it forward ideas from them. easy child asked if we could bring the neighbors dog (who we dog sit but also borrow to walk her and play with her) to visit a seniors home nearby during the holidays. I wonder in their adult years how they will look back at this Christmas with affection. I wonder if they will tell their kids about it. I wonder what pay it forward things that this will inspire them to simply because being on a recieving end will bring home to them how much it can mean to a child or a family.

    Gosh, I'm getting all mushy. Time for a tea and distraction before I get totally sappy lol.