There is hope.

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    I wanted to stop in. . It has been about 9 years since I was here last. this site gave us the imforamtion we needed to deal with the schools, deal with family, and our son, and survival skills. This site helped us survive the worst years with our son. he had ODD, ADHD. Somehow we managed to keep him from being arrested. We survived as a couple, which many times we felt we would not. When he turned 18....we were done, he moved out, no job or anything but he made his choice!!!!!! Sounds awful to most people unless you have lived it. today he is a father to 2, he is very very self centered, he knows what he should do but his childish wants are what wins out. The mother of his children really is raising 3. or her parents are raising 4. better her than me is all I can say. he does not work, always has a excuse. but to us he is extremely polite, kind, and treats us with great respect.The result is we survived....didn't think we would, feared for our lives at times, but we survived. We are at a good place in our lives, grandparents and enjoying it.
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    Thanks bluemamaw, you lived through what many of us are going through. It is wonderful to know it can be done and you are in a good place. Good for you and your husband. I love reading those kinds of posts, it gives us all hope. Thank you so much.
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    Nice update! Glad to hear it. ENJOY!!! :hi5: