There may be hope yet!!!!!!


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*THIS* is why I go to every single Family Night at the psychiatric hospital and sit through the same Parent Group every single Thursday night even though I've heard it all what feels like a zillion times...because the group is run by the woman who works with all of the insurance companies and she is such a wealth of information and such an advocate for all of us.

So, she knows both husband and I, as well as M, pretty well by now. She also knows our insurance pretty well and that our insurance changed as of June 1st...M was admitted on May 31st which is a godsend because our OLD insurance which is MUCH BETTER has to pick up the tab for this admit!!! WOOHOO!

Well, during group, we talked about how frustrating it is that they don't do testing in the psychiatric hospital and how we can't get M stable enough outside of psychiatric hospital or even keep him outside of psychiatric hospital long enough to get him any testing...and now with our insurance changing, who knows if the new insurance will even cover any testing. Then she mentioned how they have one child on the unit whose insurance company actually paid to bring in a neuropsychologist...and this neuropsychologist took all sorts of insurance. So, she said she'd call our insurance (the old one covering this admit) and see if they'd actually pay to bring in a neuropsychologist onto the unit!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!

I called our SW today to let her know and bring her up to speed and have her bring the psychiatrist up to speed (if my insurance is going to pay for it, there is NO WAY they are going to block this!!!!) and everyone is on board and the insurance said they'd pay for it!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I am beyond excited right now!

So, the last step is to get the neuropsychologist to agree to do it!

Please please please please please send all of your positive energy and prayers that this woman will agree to come and test my son. I would feel so much better if we could at least rule things out or have a better picture of what we're looking at rather than just blindly guessing and throwing medication down his throat.