These teens are driving me nuts! Mean Mom

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. TerryJ2

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    So, the other day, difficult child had two friends over at the house. The good news is, they were playing a football video game and not something gory, and they went outside to play twice.
    The bad news is, that while I was baking pies for Thanksgiving, I heard this CRASH! and saw one of the boys, E, on our fireplace, half on, half off, stiff as a board, and then he slid onto the ground. WTH? difficult child's friend, T, said, "Are you kidding? Is this a joke? Get up."
    I walked over and E was on his back, dazed, and I said, "Are you okay? What happened?"
    E clapped his hands and offered a hand up, and told him to get up. "It's okay," he said, "he just blacked out."
    I thought maybe he was diabetic. We got him up--he's a big boy, about 5'8" and 160 #, and I said, "Do you want some juice?" and he said yes.
    I pretended I couldn't get the OJ open and called T over to the kitchen to help. "Did you do something to him?"
    "Yeah, I put him in a headlock. I'm really sorry. I've done it b4 to people but I've never had that reaction."
    T is the smallest, scrawniest one of the bunch and HE put the big kid in a headlock and made him pass out? I thought my eyes were going to bug out of my head.
    I touched my carotid and asked him if he touched that part of E's neck, and he said no, "this part," and touched the windpipe.
    All three boys insisted that everything was fine. I think my heart was beating faster than anyone else's! I wasn't sure whether to call 911 but it seemed okay after that. I got all 3 boys OJ.

    This afternoon, difficult child went to T's house, and when I went to pick him up a few min ago, they stalled and stalled and of course, wanted to do an overnight. Even the mom was suggesting it. I didn't want to go into a long, drawn-out discussion about difficult child owing us money and having to do extra chores and how he shouldn't be partying quite this much, so finally we left, and T ran to the car and hid behind the driver's seat. difficult child turned off all the lights and kept swatting away my arm when I tried to turn them back on. Then T's little brother ran out and got in, too.
    Finally the mom came out and said, "Cut it out. You're acting like 2-yr-olds." (THANK YOU!!!)

    When we got home, difficult child had to show me the text that T send to him: your mom is mean
    I just don't get it. They've got girlfriends, tell them they love them, never actually go on dates, put ea other in headlocks until they pass out, and then hide in the car so they won't be separated.
    Is it just boys?
    Or g's fg?

  2. InsaneCdn

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    Given... my own brothers' antics, and the stories about the uncles and great uncles...
    I'd be guessing 75% "teen-boy-factor".
  3. klmno

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    Terry, after what he said to you the other night when he had a friend over, why did you let him have ANY social visits after that for a while?
  4. Methuselah

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    Most of that is idiot boy.:) I always say to Screamo "you're going to make mistakes--try not to make stupid life changing mistakes. He does, but he rides the edge of danger as often as possible.
  5. buddy

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    Oh gosh ...a kid recently died from that. In our area four good kids did this and they got felony charges against them. They thought it was a game .... horrific. This summer in our pool one teen was great with q but at one point q...who wants no help from me unless cleaning ...asked me to tell him not to choke him because he got scared. I did too more wrestling. They do it for a high sometimes
  6. susiestar

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    You don't have to be big or strong to put a huge person in a headlock and choke them out. in my opinion the boys' moms need to know about this. That E blacked otu and that T choked him out. This is serious stuff. I know the kids don't think so, but I bet they would love to put lighter fluid on their shoes, light them and run until the fire is out. husband did that at 12-adult. I have had to tell him numerous times not to tell our kids not to do stuff like that. Esp since we live out in the country and not on a paved road!

    Lots of this is stupid boy stuff. They truly are from some other planet. FAR from the one we come from, lol.

    But choking each other is incredibly serious. Esp as E blacked out. If it happens again you MUST get medical attention for him.

    You may want to consider if they can spend so much time together if they are going to do dangerous things like that.
  7. DammitJanet

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    That is called the choking game and it is incredibly dangerous. Many kids have died from it. They do it for a high and rush. You cannot leave them alone long enough for them to be doing this and you need to warn the other parents that they are doing it. You also need to watch your son when he is alone now because they do it by themselves with belts, sheets, towels and anything else that can go around the neck. Seriously...he can die because once he passes out, he wont be able to undo the thing around his neck alone.

    I dont mean to scare you but google Choking Game. If he is with someone and another kid dies, he will be just as guilty as the person who actually had the hands around the kids neck. You need to discuss this with psychiatrist and therapist fast. Get an emergency appointment if you can. It can also be part of auto-erotic behaviors. Life is never boring.
  8. buddy

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    That's what happened to the boys in the cities here.... judge did I think just reduce the charges since no one actually got hurt but they are all in trouble and the SD is involved with consquences too since they are on teams. the news talked about parents being in trouble too becasue some knew about some of it from past issues.

    Sad thing is there are whole websites for doing stupid things like this. Encouraging kids, saying adults dont understand, it is not dangerous as long as you do it right, etc. Kids are dying.
  9. DammitJanet

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    I know Buddy, this came out just after Cory was through that phase or it didnt hit here or he didnt hear about it. I sure did though. Scared me to death. I have known about the auto-erotic stuff for years but for kids to do it to each other is just bizarre to me. they think its a safe way to get high without using drugs but it is much more dangerous than pot or even beer. I would rather my kid smoke a joint than do something that could literally kill them at any moment.
  10. SomewhereOutThere

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    I heard of that game. My boys are fairly mild (and Sonic is on the autism spectrum) so we never had anything like that, but if my kids had been involved in that I would have thrown the book at them (shudder). Really scary what kids come up with these days. And it's not just boys.
  11. TerryJ2

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    Well, difficult child is at T's house, and I have to drop off rice bread (she makes food for the boys and I've told her 3X now that difficult child is allergic to gluten) so I will call to see if she is there, and if so, we can all talk.
    Then I'm going to walk him home, and stop at neighbors' houses along the way to drop off flyers to rake leaves. He's got to earn this money back and hasn't done anything except normal chores. I'm going to "salt the site" and pre-arrange with-a few neighbors so they'll already have said yes, and it won't be so scary to him.
    I just called him and of course, he argued on the phone that he doesn't want to come home and he's not doing 3 hrs worth of chores.

    The fun never ends.
    And easy child is putting on her coat and going back to school now ...